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PE production and sales status of domestic production enterprises

Daqing Petrochemical: due to the planned overhaul of the device on May 10, the current inventory has not reached the upper limit. Daqing plastic products currently adhere to the high quotation, and there is a price difference of about 1000 yuan/ton compared with the market price of products of similar enterprises. High voltage production 18D, two low-voltage lines 5000S, one line 1600j, linear production 7047

Yanhua company: the price of products is reduced, and the system of listing and overturning is implemented. The high-pressure products are accepted for half a year without discount, and the sales are average. At present, it makes instruments and meters become direct operation tools for human beings to understand and transform the world, with low-voltage production of 5000S and 6100m; High pressure equipment, 1c7a, 1f7b and 1i2a-1; The new high voltage device produces ld160

Shanghai Petrochemical: under the price, the size is more than 50cm longer and wider than the base of the experimental machine, and the inventory rises. 700000 T/a ethylene plant has been commissioned, forming a good market environment for green renewable products, and the new HDPE Plant is being commissioned

Yangzi Petrochemical: the ex factory price is reduced, the products are unsalable, and the inventory is very high. The unit produces 5000S and 7000F

Maoming Petrochemical: the linear unit stopped for some reason. PE products are difficult to sell and the price is reduced

Lanzhou Petrochemical: affected by the decline in the international market, the domestic plastic market price also fell sharply. Recently, the sales of PE market in the province have also been sluggish

Jihua company: the unit is planned to be shut down for major overhaul from May 15 to June 5. The factory price has been lowered, and the sales are not ideal

Panjin Ethylene: hd5070 is produced in double line, and the product is unsalable

Dushanzi Petrochemical: double line production of injection plastic hd6070, sales difficulties

Fushun ethylene: the production is normal, the ex factory price is significantly reduced, and the sales are not smooth. The unit is planned to be overhauled in July

Jinfei Petrochemical: prices have been lowered, sales have been poor, and inventories have increased. The unit will resume full load operation in the next few days

Zhongyuan Petrochemical: the market continues to decline and sales are not smooth. The overhaul of the unit is about to end, and the ethylene unit will start up in succession in the near future

Tianjin Lianhua: prices are down, sales are poor, and inventories are up. Implement the system of hanging and overturning cards. The unit is planned to be shut down for minor repair in June for about 10 days

Guangzhou Petrochemical: at present, the production is normal, the inventory is high, and the ex factory price is greatly reduced according to the spirit of Sinopec meeting. Affected by this, the Guangdong market broke down this week and continued to consolidate at a low level

Qilu Petrochemical: implement the system of listing and turnover sales, reduce the ex factory price, and implement the sales policy of maintaining the value for 10 days. High voltage device production tn26a, tension test: do tension test and tn00 for various tension springs; High density device production 6098 and 2480; The linear device continues to operate at low load and plans to switch to hdpe7006m. Ethylene series units are scheduled to be shut down for overhaul on June 10

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