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McDonald's global replacement of food packaging

the new packaging is the five nutrients identified by Chinese experts in the form of icons, namely, calories, protein, fat, carbohydrates and sodium

following the disclosure of nutritional ingredients, this latest move is the third step in the nutrition public relations series launched by McDonald's in China. The new packaging will appear in McDonald's fast food restaurants in North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America from the first half of next year, and will appear in the Chinese market after the spring of 2006

in this regard, Jimmy Skinner, CEO of McDonald's, denied that the move was forced by the pressure of consumer rights organizations, but on the contrary, it was out of McDonald's concern for consumers. Luo Kairui, vice president and chief marketing officer of McDonald's China Co., Ltd., also firmly said that "these new nutritional information will make it easier for consumers to make choices suitable for their own tastes and nutritional needs. At the same time, it also reflects McDonald's efforts to fulfill its commitment to help consumers realize a clear choice and a positive and balanced lifestyle."


expert opinion

McDonald's set meal has high calories

for McDonald's move to disclose the calorie composition, Yan Yu, President of the China Cuisine Association, believes that McDonald's labeling calories on the outer packaging is more conducive to Chinese people to reasonably match their diet according to their physique. He said that under normal circumstances, a child needs 2000 calories a day. However, many McDonald's meals exceed this calorie limit. For example, Jul UL is a world-renowned company independently engaged in safety science. The total calorie of Wuba meal is 2500 calories. This meal alone exceeds the calories a child needs in a day. If the diet is not adjusted reasonably, the nutrition will not be absorbed in a balanced way


KFC's "Lotus day green soup" is suspected of exceeding the standard of cadmium

while McDonald's is busy "marketing" nutrition, KFC's "Lotus day green soup" has encountered nutrition doubts. Recently, an agricultural expert said that after research, it was found that the wild vegetable "tianlvxiang" sold on the market contained metal cadmium that exceeded the national standard by four times, which would cause diseases in the human liver, kidney and reproductive system. To avoid dust falling into the machine, "tianlvxiang" is the main ingredient of KFC's "lotus tianlvxiang soup", which is currently sold in KFC's Guangzhou and Tianjin branches. For the sudden question, KFC said yesterday that KFC Series 200 should follow the market trend for three years and start developing this product in response to the government's call to promote tianlvxiang's emphasis on technological innovation and environmental protection. At present, this product has been investigated and tested, and the investigation results will be obtained within oneortwo days. If the test confirms that there are food safety problems, KFC will stop selling this product

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