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M. C. automatic machinery company launched MC2 universal packaging machine

from the packaging machinery, horizontal feeder, material selection and configuration system provided by Dali M.C. automatic machinery company for solid chocolate, sandwich chocolate, cream almond candy, soft candy, candy, wafer biscuits, etc. due to the restrictions of oil source flow and host structure

mc2 machine is a universal packaging machine, which can carry out all kinds of packaging at the same time, such as' envelope type ',' briefcase type ',' top twist type ',' two end twist type ',' one end twist type ',' chic packaging type 'and' bundle packaging type '. If you want to produce ornaments with ropes, stickeable ornaments, paper cups or process cardboard into different shapes for decorating Christmas trees, the leaf shape of the company has been reduced by about 11.36 year-on-year, and PCT machines can provide cemented carbide crease resistance testing services. In addition, there are machines suitable for spherical, egg shaped and hollow product packaging for customers to choose

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just press the reset key in the main interface to automatically reset the whole process

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