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MBO folding equipment has been approved by domestic printing giants (Part 1)

folding technology experts and global folding technology leaders. With the world's leading technology and exquisite craftsmanship of a full range of folding equipment products, MBO group has won the approval of Chinese printing industry giants in just one year after it officially entered China. MBO products are all over China

recently, many well-known printing industry giants such as Beijing Hualian Printing Co., Ltd., Beijing Shengtong Color Printing Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Yachang Color Printing Co., Ltd. and Dongguan donnery Printing Co., Ltd. once again signed purchase contracts with MBO printing equipment system (Beijing) Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of MBO group in China, They have bought the classic folding models of MBO that have been selling well in the global market for many years: k660/k760y high-efficiency combined folding machine, B30 full fence folding machine, t530, which has reached the goal of counting fence folding machine. On the one hand, it further proves that Chinese printing enterprises are actively keeping up with the world's high-quality printing standards. On the other hand, it also shows that MBO has won the approval of many high-end printing enterprises with the world's leading folding technology and post press technology and the exquisite German mechanical quality in just two years since it officially entered China

k660/k760 high-efficiency combined cycle paper folding machine

as a classic representative of high-efficiency combined cycle paper folding machine, k660/k760 has just entered the Chinese market and has been pursued by many large printing enterprises, which is widely used in the field of book folding

circular paper loading fully reflects the idea that MBO can speed up your career in an all-round way. Once you change the past platform paper loading requires a lot of time and labor consumption. With circular paper loading, only one worker can easily complete the whole process of paper loading, folding, etc. printing enterprises that have signed with MBO, such as Hualian, Shengtong, Yachang, Donnelly, are all interested in the circular paper loading function that can greatly improve production efficiency

the folding knife unit with unique design is the biggest attraction of this equipment. It can easily enter the folding knife device from three sides, advanced central position setting elements, paper guide elements for easy paper taking, folding rollers with adjustable pressure, and quick detachable bearings are inserted into the peeling strength tester type knife shaft at the KL and s-ktl structures of the double folding unit (optional at the triple folding unit). These factors make the operation very convenient

the whole machine uses a high-quality and efficient MBO patented belt drive system, which runs almost completely quietly, requires no maintenance and has a long service life, which has been proved in the use of more than 100000 folding machines

mbo patented spiral folding roller can produce the most perfect folding effect and reduce noise. It has no trace on the paper and printed matter that are sensitive to setting the experiment number: move the focus to the experiment number on the interface and press the OK key. The microprocessor controller MC can improve your economic efficiency and shorten the preset time. According to the size of the paper itself, the suction length and paper gap can be automatically set and adjusted

in addition, the k660/k760 high-efficiency combined folding machine also provides flexible options for a variety of accessories such as paper Feida, side air blower, composite combined folding fence, sound proof cover/safety device, etc

as early as more than 20 years ago, the full fence folding machine was basically used in European and American countries, but in China, the full fence folding machine needs to be further popularized. The full fence folding machine is mainly used to process folding products of various specifications such as commercial and packaging printed materials, such as brochures, from small instructions in drug packaging to maps and posters. The full fence folding machine is named universal folding machine, which adapts to the market by enriching product types. It is an advanced folding equipment with stable performance recognized in the market

b30 full fence folding machine is a classic representative of full fence folding machine. In addition to being also equipped with MBO patented belt drive system, microprocessor controller MC and MBO patented spiral folding roller, B30 full fence folding machine shows its preciseness and thoughtfulness in many details

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