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MBO high-end folding equipment has settled in East China

folding technology expert and global folding technology leader MBO group sent another good news. Following the selection of MBO high-end folding equipment by several printing giants such as Donnelly, Hualian and Yachang, a number of MBO high-end folding equipment have successively settled in printing enterprises in East China in just one month in September, Among them, the most representative are Shanghai Weichuang Printing Co., Ltd. and Kunshan Qinfeng Printing Co., Ltd

Shanghai Weichuang Printing Co., Ltd., as a professional enterprise specializing in post printing processing in Shanghai, has previously purchased the t530 fence folding machine, the flagship equipment of MBO. Through the use of the hydraulic pressure testing machine, it has experienced the advantages of flexible format, efficient economy, simple operation and so on, so as to truly appreciate the exquisite folding equipment and technology brought by MBO group, a folding technology expert, This time, we bought the B30 full fence folding machine, which is praised by the industry as the universal folding machine. As a classic representative of the full fence folding machine, the B30 full fence folding machine can process folding products of various specifications ranging from the spindle drive system and the small instructions in the oil box packaging at the top right of the medicine to maps and posters. I believe this will help Shanghai Weichuang Printing Co., Ltd. expand a wider range of business types

Kunshan Qinfeng Printing Co., Ltd. has won a large share of the printing business in Shanghai financial sector through its unique business targeting, high-end equipment and exquisite workmanship. This time, it also purchased the t530 fence folding machine, the flagship equipment of MBO. In fact, the powerful processing ability of t530 fence folding machine in direct mail bills and many domestic peer-to-peer forms has been found and affirmed by more and more Chinese enterprises, and the high quality and exquisite folding technology of MBO also makes Kunshan Qinfeng Printing Co., Ltd. praise MBO t530 fence folding machine

the upsurge of purchasing MBO in the most dynamic printing industrial zone in the Yangtze River Delta not only reflects that Chinese printing enterprises have begun to pay attention to strengthening the international competitiveness in the field of post press processing, but also shows the firm confidence that MBO, as a representative of high-end folding equipment, will continue to make unremitting efforts to improve China's folding processing level

(B30 full fence folding machine is known as the universal folding machine)

(t530 fence folding machine has become the first choice of Chinese printing enterprises)

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