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Mcgsnouch may 24-25 Shanghai training course invitation letter

Dear user:


it is my pleasure to invite you to attend the training course held by Beijing Kunlun Tongtai Automation Software Technology Co., Ltd. in Shanghai. In order to make you better understand and master the performance and skills of MCGS, deeply understand the powerful functions of NTOUCH automation monitoring, and solve the problems of PLC and frequency converter automation engineering, Stacy Edinger, a senior engineer of Kunlun Tongxing, suspects that the government will not agree to suspend the collection of tariffs. Rich engineers conduct training, consultation and Q & A on automation products and engineering for all users on site

training time: 9:00-12:00 a.m. and 13:30-17:30 p.m. on May 24-25, 2007

Training address: Kunlun Tongxing training room (301, No. 5, Lane 500, Qinzhou Road, Xuhui District, exit 1, subway Caobao Road, 300 Kehua apartment on the left)

training form: multimedia, on-site configuration of complex functions, please bring your own computer, Combination of on-site guidance and students' computer practice

training content:

company introduction: introduce the relevant successful application cases of Kunlun company in detail

new product introduction: mcgs6.2 release, NTOUCH human-machine interface upgrade

configuration skills: take the examples on the training tutorial as examples to explain our common functions, such as tables, curves, pictures, etc

strategy training: explanation of some common strategies, focusing on the extraction of save data, excel export, save data copy

function training: explanation of some common functions, formula operation functions (differences between the general version and the embedded version), string operation functions, timer operation functions, file operation functions, time functions, etc

communication training: use various communication media to realize data synchronization, database synchronization, MODBUS data forwarding and other functions (Ethernet, serial port (232/485), gprs/cdma, modem dialing, radio)

Hardware explanation: a brief introduction to hardware knowledge (touch screen, LCD screen), the accuracy of screen removal explanation is also low, the basic functions of several major components, and the treatment methods after problems occur in use. Update the environment of upper and lower computers

if there is a need for equipment debugging: explain how to use serial port debugging tools and serial port monitoring software to debug the communication between equipment and software

embedded version explanation: mainly talk about the difference between embedded version software and general version, and how to use embedded version Engineering configuration

hardware explanation: the differences between our five screens, the core documents, and how to deal with the screen when encountering problems

pull out the head pull plate about 2cm version: explain the differences between the general version and how to browse the network version

contact: Beijing Kunlun Tongshi Shanghai Branch

contact: Zhang Danlin



email: mcgszhd@


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