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McDonald's and British paper company James cropper began to try recycling tests

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core tip: British paper company and global fast food supplier McDonald's began a recycling test program, So that the recycled waste paper cup can be processed into new paper products

[China Packaging News] British paper enterprises and McDonald's, a global fast food supplier, have started a recycling pilot program to process recycled waste paper cups into new Japanese paper products

the cooperation between the two will enable the paper cups used in McDonald's restaurants throughout the UK to be recycled every week and processed by James cropper's advanced recycled fiber factory. The previous non recycled paper plastic composite cups will be processed into new paper products

this experimental plan is the first time that the experiment began in the UK, involving 150 of the 1250 McDonald's restaurants in the UK. The paper cups used in McDonald's restaurants are collected and then packaged by simply cups, the UK's only paper cup recycling system, before being transported to James cropper for reprocessing. Recycled fiber can be used in many products, including brochures, stationery, and even designer gift boxes

Professor James croppwei's laboratory began to test silk fibroin ER in various composite materials. The regenerated fiber factory was opened in 2013. The coating process can separate paper from plastic. The current processing capacity is equivalent to 10million paper cups per week. The result of this treatment is to finally realize no waste. 90% of the paper cups will be converted into FSC certified pulp for paper production, and the remaining 10% will be plastic, which can also be used for new purposes, such as making garden furniture

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