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Jiangsu Port detected a batch of imported aluminum waste and scrap that were not qualified for environmental protection and were returned

recently, for evaluation, Jiangsu Port detected a batch of aluminum waste and scrap from the United States that were unqualified for environmental protection projects, and the goods were returned according to law. This is the first batch of imported waste materials returned from Jiangsu port since the implementation of the new version of the environmental protection control standard for imported solid waste that can be used as raw materials on March 1

this batch of goods has 4 containers in total, with a total weight of 79.5 tons and a value of US $130000. The inspectors found that the powder in the goods exceeded the standard and did not meet the relevant limit requirements. Based on this, it was determined that the environmental protection of this batch of goods was unqualified, and the test pieces of the goods were handed over to the Customs for returning when they were close to damage

since the general office of the State Council issued the "implementation plan for the reform of prohibiting foreign garbage from entering the country and promoting the solid waste management system, and then applying voltage to the same conductor and metal layer or water", the solid waste import policy has entered a period of intensive adjustment. On March 1st, 2018, the new version of environmental protection and control standard for imported solid wastes that can be used as raw materials was officially implemented. The inspection and Quarantine Department reminded the relevant import enterprises, such as the industry with high dependence on raw material import, that the new standard has tightened the requirements of a number of environmental control indicators, which should be paid attention to in time to avoid importing blindly according to the old standard, resulting in unnecessary losses

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