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Jiangsu Telecom went to Lianshui to investigate and set up a virtual call center to provide 50 jobs for low-income groups

on March 25, guolili, deputy director of the party and mass Department of Jiangsu Telecom, and her delegation rushed to Lianshui to jointly negotiate with the provincial Party committee's assistance team in Lianshui County to promote the employment assistance project Telecom 10000 remote operator recruitment. Chu Chunxiang, deputy secretary of Lianshui County Party committee and leader of the provincial Party committee's assistance team in Lianshui County, was accompanied by a comrade in charge of the county poverty Alleviation Office

At the symposium, Guo Lili first listened to the report of Ma Yan, the provincial telecom Omni channel customer operation service center, on the operation of Lianshui remote operator home office pilot work since 2020, as well as the preliminary proposal for the recruitment of Lianshui virtual call center staff. Guolili pointed out that the establishment of a virtual call center in Lianshui is a specific measure for Jiangsu Telecom to implement the decision-making and deployment of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government to help Lianshui County consolidate the achievements of poverty eradication and Rural Revitalization in the form of creating jobs, increasing employment opportunities, and attracting low-income people in Lianshui to get rid of poverty and become rich through home employment. She asked the telecom customer service center to carefully summarize the experience of the pilot work of remote operators in the early stage, clearly understand the problems and deficiencies in the pilot process, and in the next step, it should face the low-income groups in Lianshui, set up reasonable recruitment conditions, recruit women comrades who are capable, willing, enthusiastic service and love dedication to the virtual call center, carry out diversified interactions at the same time, and strengthen team building, Enhance the team awareness and collective view of remote operators 11 The console is separated from the host, and the operator is inspired by the team culture, influenced by humanistic care, retained by all-round guarantee, so as to mobilize the operator's sense of ownership and sense, and realize home employment and attendance with peace of mind, comfort and concentration. 3 Take the LED highlight screen to show get rich through labor

Chu Chunxiang said that Jiangsu Telecom is a central enterprise with a high position and a practical style, which is worthy of admiration and learning. By 2021, the poverty alleviation work in Lianshui County has shifted from consolidating the achievements of poverty alleviation to comprehensive rural revitalization. It has established cooperation with regional industrial enterprises with special product supply capacity. The Jiangsu Telecom 10000 remote operator employment assistance project has been piloted for more than half a year. The entry point for connecting Rural Revitalization is very accurate, and the effect is very good. It plays a very important role in ensuring the employment of low-income households and people with difficulties. In the implementation of the Rural Revitalization Strategy, talent revitalization is very important. Young people should return. Through the implementation of the remote operator project, some local talents can be attracted to stay in Lianshui. It is suggested to establish Lianshui virtual center for Jiangsu Telecom 10000 remote operator, and clarify the person in charge, convener and group management by improving the organizational structure or establishing a virtual organizational structure; Establish and improve scientific management systems, such as introducing points management, work and rest time regulations, year-end evaluation, excellence evaluation and other systems; We should formulate annual, quarterly and monthly activity plans, enrich the forms of activities, and carry out activities regularly in teams, groups, regions and employee families, so as to effectively enhance the sense of superiority and belonging of employees. The provincial Party committee's assistance team in Lianshui County attaches great importance to this employment assistance project, and will mobilize all team members to go deep into economically weak villages to widely publicize, so that more low-income people can know about the project, actively sign up for recruitment, so that eligible low-income people can get employed and go to work without leaving their homes

after adapting to the future development trend, Guo Lili and her party went deep into the telephone operator's family to visit and comfort the telephone operators who work at home. (Zhou Lacheng)

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