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The seminar on strategic development of China's instrument and meter industry ended on the afternoon of September 24, a salon conference focusing on the development of automation and instrument industry hosted by China Instrument and meter society and hosted by China Control Technology Co., Ltd. the 2014 Seminar on strategic development of China's instrument and meter industry was successfully concluded in Beijing. With the help of the good platform provided by the China instrumentation society, more than 50 people, including top experts in the industry, representatives of large users, representatives of colleges and universities and representatives of 15 mainstream media in the automation industry, gathered together for in-depth exchanges and discussions. The meeting was chaired by Wuyou, executive vice president of the China instrumentation society

at the meeting, academician Youzheng of Tsinghua University made a report entitled "Research on the development strategy of industrial base of manufacturing power", which connected the opportunities and challenges of the instrument industry from the height of national strategy, and gave people strategic guidance and deep enlightenment. From the perspective of independent innovation, major general sunbolin, a researcher of the Chinese Academy of Military Sciences, talked freely about the urgency and importance of independent innovation to the country, nation and industry, and encouraged central control to adhere to the road of independent innovation. Xiongjianxin, deputy chief engineer of the material and equipment department of Sinopec Group and director of the standardization department, expressed his strong desire and voice for the localization and high-quality of important equipment, instruments and basic components on behalf of major users. He hoped that the industry would take the independent innovation road of central control as an example, dare to break the monopoly and enter the high end, which aroused strong resonance among the guests. Lixianyang, vice president of Beijing University of chemical technology, on behalf of the colleges and universities cooperating with China control, expressed his gratitude to China control for its efforts to cultivate automation talents, build co construction laboratories, and set up awards (grants) while keeping in mind the society while making good achievements

among the experts attending the seminar were the party secretary of Shanghai Institute of industrial automation instrumentation, who often used this method to evaluate the wear rate of main engine parts, zhangguangping and fanjianwen, former director of the Institute, liyunguang, former vice president of Sichuan Natural Gas Chemical Industry Research Institute, Fang Yuanbai, professor senior engineer of Kunming Nonferrous Metallurgy Design and Research Institute, and humanjiang, former chief engineer of Sinopec Beijing Chemical Industry Research Institute, Xiadehai, a professor level senior engineer of Beijing Iron and steel design and Research Institute, and fanzhongqi, the former deputy chief engineer of the Research Institute of Shanshan Petrochemical Company, should be informed of the annual work plan, work dynamics and annual self inspection report of Beijing Yan

jinjianxiang, chairman and President of central control technology company, thanked academicians, experts and industry media for their long-term care and support for central control! He expressed the gratitude of all central control personnel to the country, society and users with sincere feelings, and reported on the recent development of central control. He said: from January to August this year, the newly signed orders of central control increased by 26.83%, the received funds of users increased by 20.7%, the profits increased by 36.24%, and the expenses increased by only 9%. These main business data show the good development of central control, which is also the fastest growth period of central control in the past five years. Central control people return the trust of the industry and the majority of users with practical actions. Please rest assured that central control is fully capable of fulfilling its commitments to users. No matter how complex the environment is, central control will continue to develop healthily as always! Jinjianxiang also reviewed the 21 years' development of central control and its own development in technology, products, brand, talent reserve, company management and strategy, and concluded that the 21 years' growth of central control is an epitome of the industrial development of China Instruments' statement that "the road determines the destiny" and the struggle of the national automation brand. Needless to say, the difficulties and achievements are insignificant. Central control knows that only by taking root in the instrument industry and relying on the support of all walks of life, can it go further and better

at the seminar, the chief editors and principals of 15 media attended the seminar, interacted with wuyouhua, jinjianxiang, academicians and experts attending the seminar, and offered advice and suggestions for the development of central control and instrumentation industry. The atmosphere of the venue was warm, full of insight, and the spark of wisdom and passion flashed in the venue

facing the future, as president jinjianxiang said in his speech: central control knows its own and its own direction. We must be aware of our responsibilities and live up to our mission

the conference was successfully concluded with the wish of all guests to wish the instrument industry a better tomorrow

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