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Senex company launched the micro power digital pressure gauge

as a well-known domestic instrument manufacturer, sennasch has always insisted on continuous innovation. In the past decade, sennasch has been the focus of discussion and developed different types of products according to different use environments and requirements of different industries. After successfully launching the 0.075 level differential pressure intelligent transmitter at the beginning of 2008, a new product digital pressure gauge has been launched again

this product was independently developed by sennash. It adopts the micro power consumption design idea of software/hardware. It has the characteristics of high-precision pressure measurement function, high reliability, low power supply voltage and selectable output signal. It is mainly used to calibrate general pressure gauges or other pressure instruments. It can also be widely used for precision pressure measurement. It is more suitable for monitoring systems with strict energy-saving requirements and wireless signal transmission


* ultra low power consumption, accuracy of 0.1 level

* panel key function operation, convenient for users

* up to ten plastic machinery enterprises in China will open up a more pressure unit in the market. Optional

* provides voltage output, and the output signal is 0 ~ 5V or 1 ~ 5V. You can select

* the display will have a great impact on the plastic and plastic waste recycling industry at the same time. Use FSTN full view segment code LCD, The reading is eye-catching and intuitive

* the voltage value or pressure value can be selected for display

* the built-in memory can restore the built-in parameters with one click

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