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Seneca company uses natural oil as raw material to synthesize polyether polyols

natural oil polyols are polyols modified from natural raw materials such as soybean oil, castor oil, sunflower seed oil, etc. they are new green products with huge market prospects

in the interview, Jin Caicai, chairman of China Science & Technology hechen Shanghai Seneca energy saving and environmental protection materials Co., Ltd., was able to make the consequences of the experiment more accurate. If the continuity of the policy could not be affirmed, Boming said that the polyether polyol synthesized with renewable "natural oil" as raw material developed by Shanghai Science & Technology hechen Co., Ltd. not only reached the international advanced level, but also was rated as the "key development new product of Shanghai" by Shanghai. The product performance indicators have reached and exceeded the "national standard for polyurethane rigid foam". As renewable resources are used as basic raw materials, it can replace the decreasing petroleum resources and is the best substitute for petroleum polyether in polyurethane field

jinboming, chairman of Shanghai Seneca, also said that China Science & Technology hechen Shanghai Seneca is keenly focusing on new opportunities in the field of Polyurethane Construction festival with its own practice and touch, and with strong scientific and technological strength, it has created and guided the industry trend and technological innovation of new building exterior wall insulation materials. At the same time, it will drive relevant enterprises to develop in a healthy direction of energy conservation and consumption reduction

about Shanghai Seneca environmental protection and energy saving materials Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Seneca environmental protection and energy saving materials Co., Ltd. is an innovative building materials enterprise specializing in the development, production and application of "Zhongke hechen" and "synica" vegetable oil polyether polyols, rigid polyurethane insulation boards, rigid polyurethane insulation and decorative board systems and related products. At present, the company has two sets of imported one-time forming high-pressure foaming production lines, with an annual output of more than 2million m2 and a daily output of 6000m2. Adhering to the core competitiveness of technological innovation, relying on the R & D technical force of the Institute of organic chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the senior professional application technology of Shenju, the company has an independent and fully configured R & D and experiment center, product application technology center and professional testing center, closely following the development trend of the building materials industry at home and abroad, and is in a leading position in the field of polyurethane insulation panels in China

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