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Innovation and creativity in the New Year - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

The coming New Year that we face will be quite challenging. After the social and economic crisis caused by the COVID pandemic, 2021 will have to be the year where both people and companies need to adjust to a different order. ?Society must regain its agenda and at the same time must be able to embrace a message of hope for the future. ?In this way, it is essential to learn the lessons that emerge from the hard times that all of us have been living through over the last year. In that respect, a new standard for our collective lives that is based on innovation and creativity will be key factors for the new year.

Our society has a central role to play towards a new attitude in regards to the creation of value and focus on creativity. During a time of change, our society cannot wait.? Our society must confirm itself as an enabler in a very demanding world and introduce to our citizens and institutions a capital of trust and innovation that is essential to ensure central leadership for any future agenda in a more uncertain and complex world.? The actors from our society should be more global and capable of driving to the social matrix as a unique dynamic of knowledge building and to sell it as a mobile asset on the global market.

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The next year must include some strategic proposals that demand a new operational agenda from all the political, economical and social actors. Our society must know how to integrate, in a positive way, its citizens. Social cohesion is done with the constructive participation of the citizens, which is necessary for an effective attitude of mobilization. Education must be the right tool for this strategic ambition for our society. Secondly, innovation and creativity must be the enablers for competitiveness in our economy. Universities and companies must perform a new strategic partnership that is centered on the objectives of added value, creativity and knowledge.

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