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The first line group donated epidemic prevention materials to the Donghua Third Hospital

(Beijing, China - May 7, 2020). According to different uses - the epidemic of covid-19 is spreading all over the world, and the demand for epidemic prevention materials is still high in the society. The first line group donated 15000 masks and 500 disinfectant alcohol hand sanitizers to the Hong Kong Donghua Third Hospital Jockey Club Rehabilitation Center yesterday to support people in need in the society to prevent infection during the epidemic

representatives of both parties attended the donation ceremony and took a group photo with the recipients

Ms. liangbiqiong, head of the Social Services Department of the third East China Hospital (fourth from the right in the back), Ms. LV Huixian, group director of the first line group marketing and Corporate Communications Department (middle), Ms. Weng Wenzhi, President of the Jockey Club Rehabilitation Center of the third East China Hospital (fourth from the left in the back) Ms. Liu Jianyun, chairman of the Donghua third hospital volunteer service Promotion Committee (third from the left in the back row), and Ms. Peng Liwen, human resources and administrative manager of the first-line group (third from the right in the back row)

there are 42 service units under the jockey Club Rehabilitation Center of Hong Kong Donghua Third Hospital, serving more than 1000 visually impaired elders, mentally handicapped residents and disabled people, and also helping to take care of community grassroots citizens. Affected by the epidemic, the daily lives of the residents of the rehabilitation center and grassroots people have not only been greatly affected, but also the purchase of anti epidemic goods has brought them a heavy economic burden. Therefore, the first-line group began to search for masks and hand sanitizers to support people in need in the society through this donation

Ms. liangbiqiong, director of the Social Services Department of Donghua Third Hospital, said: I am very grateful to the first line group for its generous donation this time, which fully reflects the group's concern for grass-roots people and rehabilitation service objects and promotes the spirit of concentric anti epidemic

Mr. Zeng Jiabao, chief executive of frontline group, said: we have been paying attention to social progress and hope to contribute to the vulnerable groups under the continuation of the epidemic. Therefore, we strive to search and purchase local brand anti epidemic goods to support grassroots people, and also hope to take this action to support local small enterprises. We hope to tide over the difficulties and fight against the epidemic together with you through this donation

in the past two decades, in addition to providing high-quality enterprise network services, frontline group has also actively shouldered the responsibility of caring enterprises, expecting to give back to the society with its own expertise and strength and grow together with the Hong Kong community. With years of commitment and efforts in social services, frontline group recently won the honor of caring for the business community exhibition awarded by the Hong Kong Council of social services (HKCSS) for four consecutive years to commend the continuous outstanding performance of frontline in caring for society, employees and the environment

Mr. Zeng said: we are honored to receive the recognition of caring business exhibitions for four consecutive years. While constantly improving its performance and expanding its business, the group has not forgotten to give back to society and help vulnerable groups, and is committed to cultivating employees. In addition to the donation of epidemic prevention items, last year, we sponsored the family + fish charity golden cup dragon boat race for the fifth time to raise funds for low-income families and the elderly. Getting the recognition of caring from the business exhibition not only brings us encouragement, but also confirms that the front-line work in corporate citizenship has been recognized. We will continue to cooperate with all walks of life to actively translate the corporate society into practical actions and create a better future with all sectors of Hong Kong

the caring program of the Hong Kong business show was launched in 2002 to strengthen the links between the business community, the public and the social service sector, jointly promote the enterprise society, promote the cooperation between the business community and social partners, and build an inclusive society

about the first line group

founded in 199, the modified plastics obtained through this kind of technology often have a great improvement in processing properties, mechanical properties, heat resistance, flame retardancy and other aspects. For nine years, at the recent electric vehicle hundred people's meeting, the first line group is a leading telecommunications neutral network service provider in Greater China, committed to providing a variety of new products and services to enterprise customers in Greater China and cities in the Asia Pacific region, It includes virtual private network service (MPLS VPN) with multi protocol label switching, software defined wide area (sd-wan), interconnection connection, data center and interconnection security solutions, etc. The group is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of 21vianet (Stock Code: Vnet), a NASDAQ listed company in the United States and one of China's leading telecom neutral and cloud neutral Internet data center service providers

the first line of ICT Service Providers in Greater China are the first batch to obtain iso/iec 27001:2013 information security, iso/iec: 2018 international IT service management and ISO 9001:2015 international quality management certification. The international certifications obtained represent the commitment of the front line to provide customers with high-quality information and communication technology integration services

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