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From smart trash cans to smart street lights, how does IOT promote the construction of smart cities

at present, many cities around the world are facing various problems, such as population expansion, traffic congestion, environmental pollution, insufficient living space and so on. On the way of exploring solutions to problems, digitalization and IOT provides us with a more effective method. Digital advantages such as accuracy, rapid response, stability and reliability are helping us build a new way that is expected to solve most urban ills - smart city

smart city represents a more efficient and humanized way of urban management and a greener and more livable lifestyle. IOT technology is playing an increasingly important role in the construction of smart cities. With the extensive application of IOT technology in urban construction, management and maintenance, earth shaking changes are taking place in all aspects, from urban waste treatment, street lighting, to energy, water, to electricity, transportation and so on

display accuracy 0.01mpa1. Altair

Altair, an American start-up, is an IOT solution service provider. Altair smartworks, an open architecture and scalable IOT platform developed by the company, can be compatible with third-party hardware, communication technology and applications, allowing users to implement highly scalable IOT projects through this platform, so as to promote the realization of enterprise digital twin strategy

through its platform, the company can apply simulation, machine learning and optimization throughout the product life cycle to change the design and decision-making of application schemes. At present, Altair has more than 2000 employees and has opened 82 offices in 25 countries. Its IOT platform has provided solutions and services to more than 5000 customers in urban, energy, construction, manufacturing and other fields

2。 Intelligent waste management and recycling company enevo

founded in 2010, the Finnish startup enevo is a waste management and recycling company based on "software + hardware". The data-driven waste recycling and management platform established by the company is committed to reducing costs, reducing waste from landfills and improving sustainability

by installing sensors in the dustbin, sanitation workers can monitor the stacking height, temperature, movement status and other information of the garbage in the dustbin in real time through the mobile app, and provide the optimal action path and recovery time of the garbage truck

the company's solutions can be widely used in restaurants, residential, municipal, commercial real estate, retail and other industries to help customers increase the monitoring and transparent management of garbage, and reduce the losses caused by poor management from scratch

in 2018, the company cooperated with seven companies in Nottingham, England, helping McDonald's reduce its business operating costs by 12% and improve the efficiency of garbage collection and diversion by 50%

3。 Monitoring and control security solution provider mprest

Israel company mprest is a monitoring and control security solution provider, which is mainly used in urban public utilities, national defense, energy, security, industrial IOT and other fields. Through the Internet of things system of mprest company, we can improve the performance of the customer system, shorten the project development time and reduce the cost

the company has developed a one-stop smart city management platform mcity, which is based on a "system of systems" method independent of suppliers. It has strong flexibility in use, and can connect, integrate and utilize data from a large number of different systems and IOT sensors that need to be managed by smart cities such as chlorine, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and other corrosive gases, so as to achieve unified monitoring, analysis and optimization of multiple urban areas

4。 Telensa

telensa, a British company founded in 2005, is an intelligent street lighting solution service provider. It helps urban management departments build scalable street lighting wireless monitoring and control systems through sensors and cloud software, which can monitor street lighting and power consumption in real time, so as to help cities save energy

through automatic monitoring and early warning, the system can effectively reduce urban energy consumption and street lamp maintenance costs. At the same time, street light sensors can monitor urban road traffic data and help urban management departments build intelligent transportation systems

it is reported that in the UK, the system has helped the Ministry of municipal affairs PLC touch screen control, sampling, display and other structural components to save millions of pounds in power consumption. At present, the company is actively expanding its overseas market, and has deployed more than 1.7 million intelligent street lights worldwide. In May this year, the company cooperated with SamSung of South Korea to carry out the smart city project

gembo is a smart city solution service provider, focusing on providing machine learning based IOT solutions for manufacturing, energy, health care, construction, urban management and other fields, helping users build digital twin systems, and providing overall equipment operation efficiency monitoring and predictive maintenance services

gembo's smart city solution has powerful data analysis, visualization and monitoring functions, can support various devices, can obtain big data in real time, and help urban utility managers understand the overall operation efficiency of their waste treatment, power, water purification equipment, etc. in real time

6。 Sensus

sensus, a smart city solution provider, focuses on intelligent measurement equipment, network technology and data analysis services in the fields of water, electricity, natural gas, urban electricity and street lighting, and helps urban public utilities, industrial parks, science and technology parks, campuses, etc. achieve intelligent and sustainable development

in 2016, xylem group, a global water technology giant, acquired sensus for about US $1.7 billion. At present, the company has installed more than 38 million intelligent metering devices in more than 2000 cities


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