Analysis of domestic glass raw sheet Market

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Analysis of the domestic glass raw sheet Market

the contradiction between supply and demand in the glass raw sheet market still exists, and there is a large gap between the north and the south. The northern glass market has started. Compared with traditional materials, manufacturers are calm, and some prices have increased. The southern glass market is still in the doldrums, and the transaction price has declined to varying degrees. The universal experimental machine can be configured with different fixtures to complete a variety of experiments

Anhui selected a suitable gear, and Huaguang recently shipped well. Supported by this, the price increased by 1 yuan/weight box, which is exactly the case. Recently, there are many low-cost goods flowing into Hebei from Henan, and the price of Lobo thick plate fell by 1 yuan/weight box. The contradiction between supply and demand in South China is still obvious, and prices continue to fall. The price in Shahe, Hebei Province is stable, and the production and sales rate is mostly about 70%. Downstream customers are cautious in taking goods and purchasing on demand

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