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The first-line mobile VPN solution solves the needs of mobile applications

in recent years, the rise of intelligent and tablet computers has made many enterprise employees choose to work in byod (bring your own device), that is, to carry their own devices to work and use mobile networks to assist in work. This has made great changes in the operation mode of the enterprise. 7. The parking location should choose a flat and solid site. At the same time, 3G and 4G LTE technologies are further popularized, so that enterprises can combine operations and open up an outdoor operation mode, so as to improve operation efficiency and scale

whether for enterprises or individuals, it is a general trend to significantly improve the application of mobile networks. If users want to transmit email, pictures, files and sensitive data through mobile networks, they must consider adopting a safe and convenient mobile VPN scheme

assist mobile devices and connect securely within the enterprise

at present, it is more and more popular for employees to work outdoors. At this time, mobile devices are like a mobile office, which needs to closely contact with enterprises, exchange data or process orders, involving many important data and enterprise secrets. At this time, the mobile VPN scheme plays an important role. Compared with the fixed VPN scheme, its principle can establish a safe and fast channel in intelligent devices and enterprises, facilitate both parties to access data and data, and enable employees to work in a safe data environment no matter when and where

help enterprises develop mobile commerce

in addition to facilitating mobile employees, a well deployed and secure mobile VPN scheme also helps enterprises develop a blue ocean. The fast 3G and 4G LTE network enables users to live in a mobile environment and get smooth network services, making it convenient for them to browse, trade and shop through mobile devices. E-commerce attaches great importance to security, and the mobile VPN scheme can provide a transaction system with high confidentiality and security, which is especially beneficial to the financial industry. Enterprises can also expand their sales points to the outdoors to increase revenue channels

at the same time, mobile VPN can also be applied to remote monitoring system. In the past, relevant systems must be connected to indoor routers and computers, which requires additional connection lines and system costs. Mobile VPN can save this cost, and you can directly watch the default monitoring screen through intelligent devices

high quality mobile VPN networks need to be combined with dedicated lines and mobile data networks

it can be predicted that enterprises will have an increasing demand for mobile VPN networks. However, behind high-quality mobile VPN networks, there must be a network service provider that masters dedicated line technology, has a deep service background, and the clamping force will be reduced, such as the first-line group. Their one VPN remote is a safe and reliable remote access solution, which can effectively reduce the risk of using the company's resources for remote access by partners, service providers or employees outside the office who successfully shipped the two experimental machines to Chongqing yesterday at a relatively high price

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