Analysis of domestic HDPE market last week

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Last week's domestic HDPE market analysis

days after the festival, Jinan experimental machine factory Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. welcomes you to the high-pressure polyethylene market transaction, which has gradually turned into a complex situation from the high price and all parties' active hoarding. Market optimism still exists in most traders, and there are still not a few hoarders, Pessimists who lack confidence in future high prices have attached that they are mainly used to fix the samples, which have been shipped one after another. The price level of shipping varies. While taking back the funds after making profits, releasing the risk of a large amount of hoarding in advance also represents the general mentality of some people

at present, the market price of high-pressure polyethylene in East China is 7700 yuan/ton. The bearing capacity of reinforced concrete components has fallen by yuan/ton, and the market price in North China is yuan/ton. The market price continues to maintain a steady upward trend. With the support of the rising market price of high-pressure polyethylene and the high quotation of high-pressure outer disk, it continues to attack higher prices

the general price in the linear high-voltage market is yuan/ton, the factory price of domestic enterprises is about 7300 yuan/ton, and the external quotation reaches 730 dollars/ton. Supported by the optimistic price trend of market participants, the high-pressure polyethylene market has the basis to attack the price of 8000 yuan/ton. The high-pressure external quotation in South Korea is the highest to 780 dollars/ton (CFR China), and the slightly lower quotation of other manufacturers is stable at US dollars/ton (CFR China), According to the above US dollar quotation, the maximum cost of RMB has reached 8800 yuan/ton, nearly 9000 yuan/ton, but foreign investors seem to have no intention of giving up raising prices for the purpose of pushing up the quotation to further "win the high". Therefore, the high price of imported high-pressure polyethylene products is also one of the important basic driving forces to promote the price trend of the domestic market

with the support of high quotations in the international high-pressure market and domestic linear prices, traders' expectation of the tension of the Gulf War is also the main reason for the current optimism, but it depends on the duration of the war and the current high-pressure market price and the position level of the previous year

judging from the current situation, the United States' unwillingness to fall into the quagmire of war is likely to make the war not last too long. At that time, the price trend of the international crude oil market generally requires preheating for a while, which is still difficult to predict. Therefore, traders cannot help but remain cautious while optimistic about the future market. In addition, observing the domestic high-pressure market price level in recent years, the highest price in the market reached yuan/ton last year, and the price was as high as yuan/ton in the previous two years. Therefore, the current high-pressure market price can not be said to have no room for rise, but it is estimated that the market price within 8000 yuan/ton can be recognized and accepted by the market, and the price above 8000 yuan/ton may stimulate stock brokers to run for cash

to sum up, it is estimated that the domestic high-pressure polyethylene market is still optimistic before the end of February, and there is still some room for prices to rise

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