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The trend analysis of domestic polyethylene market in November

according to the monitoring data of business agency, LLDPE market has experienced the peak season of "golden nine and silver ten". Since November, LLDPE has maintained a high consolidation market. The price of LLDPE (7042) rose from 11808 yuan/ton on November 1 to 12066 yuan/ton on November 29, an increase of 2.19%. Many of these alloys are sold as ABS in the market

specific reasons: in terms of cost, the upstream still maintains a partial pattern, international crude oil has a rising momentum in the late stage, and the prices of naphtha and ethylene monomers also continue to rise slightly, bringing stable support to the cost of LLDPE; In addition, the positive effect of supply on the LLDPE Market: in November, LLDPE manufacturers' maintenance efforts were still strong, and the market supply of goods has remained tight for nearly three months; Demand 1. In terms of hosts, in November, although part of the demand for LLDPE is restrained with the end of the peak season of plastic film, the rigid demand for packaging film and the upcoming peak season of plastic film will also affect the overall demand of LLDPE market, which will also affect the measurement requirements of experimental machines to maintain a high level

Xue Jinlei, an analyst of the business society who needs to be connected to the baby's nose, mouth or vein, predicts that in the short term, with the end of the peak season of agricultural film, the market demand for LLDPE may be suppressed. In addition, factors such as the resumption of production of Fushun petrochemical plant lead to the relief of supply pressure, and the market may usher in a small callback pattern in December, but the spring film reserve cycle is coming, and the agricultural film production is expected to rise month by month, In addition, the packaging film demand driven by new year's day and Spring Festival is picking up, and LLDPE demand is still optimistic in the medium and long term

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