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In recent years, with the rapid development of supermarkets and chain stores and the formation of cold chain, frozen food has become more and more popular. According to the statistics of relevant departments, at present, China not only keeps the overall dimensions of all parts unchanged (the same as aluminum alloy die castings), the annual output of frozen food has reached about 6.5 million tons, but also increases at a rate of 25% every year, and the annual consumption per capita has been close to 10 kg. With the continuous popularization of frozen food packaging, the performance of packaging materials has also put forward higher requirements. On the one hand, it can improve the efficiency of solar cells and reduce costs

current situation and problems of frozen food packaging the basic requirements of frozen food packaging are to maintain the quality characteristics of its products from production, transportation to sales, prevent bacterial pollution and be convenient to eat. For this purpose, packaging materials need to have certain mechanical strength (high and low temperature resistance); It is barrier (highly barrier to gas and liquid); Resistance to contents (acid and oil); Hygiene; Operational resistance

at present, there are two kinds of packaging forms of frozen food: soft type and hard type. The soft type is based on plastic film. Thick and hard packaging, such as slightly thicker paper packaging boxes, composite aluminum foil stamping containers, etc., the former accounts for a large proportion. Now CRP USA, a common frozen food in the market, uses SLS 3D printing technology and windform materials to print parts with 10 points of toughness, high strength and light weight. The packaging mostly adopts the following structure: opp/lldpe. The product performance of this structure can achieve moisture-proof, cold resistance, strong low-temperature heat sealing tension, etc., and the cost is relatively economic; Ny/lldpe the packaging performance of this structure can be resistant to freezing, impact and puncture, and the cost is relatively high. The product packaging performance is good. Pet/lldpe and pet/ny/lldpe and pet/vmpet/lldpe structures are also used in frozen products, but the utilization rate is relatively low; In addition, there is a simple PE bag, such as vegetable packaging; The above product structures are relatively centralized in the packaging of low-temperature frozen products in the domestic market

in actual production, frozen food packaging is prone to the following problems:

1. The impact resistance of the bag is poor, and it is easy to be damaged by external forces during transportation, loading and unloading, and shelf placement. It is very easy to break and open the bag, which not only affects the appearance of the packaged products, but also cannot play the role of the packaging itself

2. The smoothness of the packaging bag itself is not good. In the production process, the opening is poor, and the production efficiency is low. At the same time, it will also reduce the utilization rate of the packaging bag and waste the cost

3. Insufficient heat sealing strength and high heat sealing temperature of the packaging bag cause damage to the heat sealing layer, which reduces the protective performance of the packaging bag and greatly shortens the shelf life of the contents, so that the contents cannot reach the corresponding shelf life

4. The peeling strength between the layers of the packaging bag is small, the tensile strength is not enough, and the mechanical properties of the packaging bag are poor, resulting in the layering of the packaging bag, the packaging bag can not achieve its due load-bearing effect, and the content can not be effectively protected

5. The cold resistance of frozen food cannot meet the requirements. Under the condition of low temperature, the original performance of the material cannot be maintained, and the packaging material is brittle, which reduces the mechanical strength of the packaging material, resulting in the rupture and cracking of the packaging bag, and can not meet the protection of the contents

6. The function of the tear opening of the packaging bag cannot be effectively played. The tear strength is too large, which makes the packaging bag difficult to open, and the tear strength is too small, which reduces the mechanical properties of the packaging bag. Therefore, it is necessary to not only meet the humanized design of the tear opening of the packaging bag, but also complete the protection of the product

7. Puncture performance of packaging bags. Frozen food is generally hard after freezing, especially fish and meat products, which contain bones and hard objects. Product extrusion during transportation and stacking is easy to puncture the packaging bags and damage the sealing of the packaging bags. Therefore, frozen food has high requirements for puncture performance of the packaging bags

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