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Zhejiang Guojing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has built the first vertical polypropylene infusion bag and infusion production line in the province, reducing the tool processing time line

the upright polypropylene infusion bag is a new infusion packaging form formed by Zhejiang Guojing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. after years of efforts, which may cause the sample to be locally sheared or crushed due to high stress concentration. The infusion bag integrates all the advantages of plastic bottles, non PVC soft bags, that is, fully enclosed infusion, and has safety and environmental protection. The total investment of the project is 46.85 million yuan, of which the investment in fixed assets is 35.85 million yuan, the annual production capacity is 30million bags, and the annual sales revenue can be increased by more than 100million yuan

information source: Longquan economic and Trade Bureau

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