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Glass fiber reinforced plastic flat FRP glass fiber reinforced plastic flat

machine-made gel coat flat is applied to the internal and external walls of the entire construction and decoration materials industry and the internal and external wall panels of refrigerated trucks, dry trucks, refrigerated containers

1。 If the change-over switch is turned to the "fast back" position, the glass fiber reinforced plastic gel coat plate: the product surface has a gel coat layer, which has the characteristics of aging resistance, corrosion resistance, color durability, wear resistance, pollution resistance, flatness and beauty

2。 Glass fiber reinforced plastic flat plate: the product surface has no gel coat layer, which has the characteristics of long service life, impact resistance, moisture resistance, rich color and so on. Transparent, semi transparent or opaque plates can be provided

3。 The maximum width of the plate is 2500mm and the thickness is 1. 0—3。 0mm, the length can be supplied in sheet or reel shape according to customer requirements

4。 The non finish of the product can be polished to improve the adhesion of post-treatment coating, bonding, lamination, etc

frp gel coat board is a high-tech new environmental protection product newly developed by our company, mainly including high-quality and high-end car carriage board, purification engineering wall surface, ceiling, etc. the zero point width of the product amplitude correction pointer is 1000mm~2450mm (which can be adjusted arbitrarily), the thickness and length can be produced to scale or roll, and the maximum size of roll is 100m/roll. The thickness of the product is 1. 0mm~3。 0mm arbitrary setting. FRP flat plate

Hebei Shengwei Jiye FRP Group Co., Ltd. was formerly Hebei Zaoqiang FRP Group Co., Ltd. The company has a registered capital of 60million yuan and has fixed assets 2. 200 million yuan, including 71.1 million yuan for main equipment, covering an area of 200000 square meters and a construction area of 12. 60000 square meters. There are 580 employees in the company, including 5 with senior professional titles, 36 with intermediate professional titles and 81 junior technicians

the company's technology and production strength are the best among similar manufacturers in China. The product is of good quality, advanced technology and elegant appearance. Since its inception, the company has undertaken domestic key and large-scale projects with high quality and efficiency, such as Hebei Iron and Steel Group, Huadian International Power Co., Ltd., state power company of China, Qilu Petrochemical Group, Beijing Miyun reservoir water conveyance project; Shaanxi heavy truck, China Pharmaceutical Group, Beijing CPPCC office, Baoding sewage treatment plant and other large-scale domestic projects have won unanimous praise from users for their good reputation and high quality

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service tenet of Hebei Shengwei Jiye FRP Group Co., Ltd. with relatively complex circuits: start with user needs, and finally user satisfaction. We are willing to sincerely cooperate with friends from all walks of life and seek common development with high-quality products and good services

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