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Freudenberg NOK launched a new polyurethane sealing material

January 26 - assemble 2D go drawings into a film that can cover centimeters but not microns - "go paper" - so that the strength is still further damaged. Freudenberg NOK sealing technology company launched a new polyurethane sealing material. Will it continue or end? Many interviewees believed that it was expected. Compared with ordinary polyurethane, the water resistance and temperature resistance of new materials are higher than those of covestro materials. The solution just creates the possibility for such a demand: it provides a lot of added value for the rapidly changing medical industry

officials said that polyurethane can maintain good performance between -40 ° C and 120 ° C, and the company's new polyurethane sealing material has the characteristics of flexibility at low temperature and stability at high temperature

Mathias Burkert, product manager of the company, said that the material was originally designed for tropical areas, but it is also suitable for cold areas such as Alaska or Siberia. Therefore, customers do not need to change sealing materials according to the local climate, which saves a lot of expenses. According to customer demand statistics, the market pays more attention to the force density and temperature adaptability of sealing materials

the company said that it would invest in new equipment in German factories to produce this new polyurethane sealing material and add a production line, which is expected to start operation in April this year

William yerazunis, senior chief research scientist of merl, recently conducted an experiment to show the benefits of 5-axis additive manufacturing. Note: this reprint is for the purpose of transmitting more information, and does not mean to agree with his views or confirm the authenticity of his content

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