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From 5g to 5.5G, wireless innovation is an endless frontier

[China, Nanjing, March 30, 2021] Dr. Zhu Peiying, Huawei fellow, was invited to deliver an endless frontier at the IEEE wcnc2021 (IEEE wireless communication and networking Conference) conference held recently: a speech themed from 5g to 5.5G, calling for the joint launch of 5.5G innovation and standardization of the industry interface to 2025. IEEE WCNC is the world's top academic conference of IEEE in the wireless field. It brings together cutting-edge experts from academia and industry to jointly discuss and promote the technical development related to the problems existing in wireless communication and networking in the following three aspects

Huawei fellow Dr. Zhu Peiying spoke at IEEE wcnc2021

wireless is the endless frontier

ZHU Peiying said at the meeting, such as vannival? As Dr. Bush said, science is an endless frontier. What attracts people in the wireless field is that it always has endless opportunities for innovation. At present, the commercial deployment of 5g has begun to feed back and stimulate the continuous innovation of 5g technology

the speed of 5g commercial network is faster than expected. Compared with 2019, the number of commercial networks has increased by 18 times to more than 140; The types of terminals increased by 17 times to more than 550; 5g users increased 250 times, exceeding 250million. 5g has also changed the consumer experience and industry digitalization. The annual growth rate of ar/vr has reached 35%. With the rapid development of science and technology, 5g ports, 5g steel and other 50 industries have begun to take shape in more than 00 industries

The commercial achievements of

5g and the development of new technologies in the industry have revealed the new frontier of 5g. How to meet the growing demands of immersive experience such as XR pro and holography, and how to meet the diversity of machine vision, car couplets, etc., and the difference between pressure testing machine and constant stress pressure testing machine: the key of constant stress pressure testing machine is the more complex demand of IOT for concrete block compressive strength experiment, which is the question to be answered by 5g to 5.5G evolution

for 2025, start the definition and standardization of 5.5G

the driving force of 5.5G has been clear: first, the existing capacity of 5g needs to be continuously enhanced to accelerate the development of 5g industry; 2、 The popularity of immersive applications such as XR and holography requires high-speed real-time experience; 3、 Industry digitalization requires ten times the uplink rate and the network of the behavior center; 4、 Expand the 5g network capability dimension and explore new business opportunities such as car service, Zhu Peiying said at the meeting

what will 5.5G look like? From the perspective of scenarios, Huawei proposes to add three new scenarios, namely UCBC (uplink ultra wideband), rtbc (broadband real-time interaction) and HCs (Communication perception fusion). Together with the traditional embB, mmtc and urllc, so many plastics are being used as 5.5G hexagon. Under these scenarios, Huawei expects that 5.5G will achieve the following goals compared with 5g: the bit cost of embB will continue to be reduced by 10 times; The uplink capacity of UCBC is improved to meet the needs of 80% tob scenarios; Rtbc can provide XR users with dozens of times Gbps@5ms Experience of; Centimeter level low-power positioning capability to meet the needs of indoor full scene positioning; Wide area high-resolution sensing ability, realize spatial location management and anomaly detection, help enhance the safety of automatic driving, and provide timely care for patients and the elderly in designated areas

from industrial promotion to standardization to mature supporting facilities, new technologies need a cycle of years. For example, uplink enhancement, in addition to studying technologies such as multi band uplink aggregation and uplink massive array, it also requires a lot of time to enrich the new terminal types of the uplink behavior center. From the perspective of spectrum, 5.5G needs to use more resources in sub-100ghz, and it also needs time to prepare in advance from the policy and industrial levels. Aiming at 2025, Zhu Peiying called for the definition and standardization of 5.5G from now on, and continued to be implemented in subsequent versions such as R18

facing 2030, we began to explore the vision of a new generation

communication technology, maintaining the evolution speed of a decade. Since the 1980s, through the innovation of four generations of communication technology, we have gradually connected everyone. With the rapid commercialization of 5g technology, we are rapidly realizing the connection of all things. Now, 5.5G has also begun to explore from the Internet of everything to the intelligent connection of everything

how will the vision of 6G after 2030 be defined? Zhu Peiying predicts that intelligence will be everywhere in the world in ten years. The network after 2030 will no longer be just a data transmission pipeline, but a distributed neural network that can integrate the biological world, the physical world and the digital world

facing 2025 or even 2030, the wireless journey full of adventure is ahead of us. Huawei hopes to explore the endless frontier of 5.5G and beyond with its partners, said Zhu Peiying

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