Analysis of domestic plastic market on January 20,

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On January 20, 2017, the domestic plastic market analysis summary

core tip: most petrochemical factory prices are stable, forming cost support for the market, but the market trading is flat. The number of terminal shutdown enterprises increased, the number of purchasing enterprises entering the market decreased, and traders' enthusiasm for trading was not high. The short-term market trend is expected to continue the sideways consolidation pattern

[futures market]

US crude oil (7:40): 52.29 up 0.92

and these packaging materials are often turned into waste products and discarded by consumers ● international oil prices rose on the 19th

after the International Energy Agency (IEA) monthly report suggested that the global oversupply is declining, crude oil futures rose on Thursday. The February crude oil futures contract in New York closed up $0.29, or 0.6%, at $51.37 a barrel. In March, Brent crude oil closed higher by US $0.24, or 0.4%, and the settlement price was US $54.16 per barrel

[today's news]

● China's PC capacity will meet the centralized release period

the next two years will be the centralized release period of China's PC capacity. Finally, industry insiders said that according to incomplete statistics, more than 1million tons/year of PC devices will be put into construction, planned to be built or in the research stage after 2016. Among them, SABIC will jointly invest with Sinopec to build a new 260000 T/a PC device in the new plant of Tianjin Petrochemical. This project is under construction and is expected to be put into operation in; Tongling Nonferrous Metals Group plans to put into production a set of 100000 t/a PC device; Shandong lihuayi is building a new PC device with an annual output of 60000 tons; Qingdao Hengyuan is building a set of 100000/ton PC device; Luxi Chemical's PC phase I project has reached production capacity and operates stably. The company is ready to invest in two production lines of phase II project; The PC device of Wanhua Chemical Group Co., Ltd. is expected to be put into production in the second quarter of 2017

● Tianshun chemical successfully produced T800 carbon fiber at low cost

Harbin Tianshun chemical technology development company broke through the low-cost T800 carbon fiber production technology. The cost of its large-scale production of T800 carbon fiber is only 350 yuan/kg. This technology not only broke the trade blockade imposed by some countries on China in the field of high-performance carbon fiber, but also reduced the production cost to one third of the international price

[Petrochemical trends]

● PE Petrochemical trends: Maoming Petrochemical 1# high pressure equipment and production; 2 # high pressure equipment 2426h; Dfda7042 produced by full density device; High density device produces tr144

● PP Petrochemical trends: the first line of Dushanzi Petrochemical PP old plant produces EPS30R and the second line produces v30s; The new unit produces t4401 in the first line and k4912 in the second line

● PVC Petrochemical trends: 80% of Inner Mongolia Zhongyan Jilantai PVC started construction, and the quotation is temporarily stable. At present, the factory quotation of calcium carbide method type 5 material for surrounding acceptance is 6100 yuan/ton, and the actual transaction can be negotiated

● PS Petrochemical trends: Guangzhou Petrochemical PS pricing stabilized, 525 reported 10650 yuan/ton, 535 reported 10650 yuan/ton; Gh660 reports 11300 yuan/ton, and gh660h reports 11300 yuan/ton. The manufacturer's inventory is low, and the sales are OK

● ABS Petrochemical News: the listing price of Ningbo Taihua ABS is stable. Ag15a1 is quoted at 17100 yuan/ton, AG12A1 at 17200 yuan/ton, and AG15E1 at 17000 yuan/ton. The firm offer is preferential. The manufacturer's sales are normal, and the inventory is low

● pet Petrochemical trends: the price of polyester bottle chips of Shanghai Yuanfang is strong, and the ex factory offer of water bottle material, oil bottle material and hot filling is 8200 yuan/ton, while the price of carbonic acid material is 200 yuan/ton, and the actual order can be preferential

[early evaluation and prediction of plastics]

● PE early evaluation: yesterday, the market price was stabilized, the crude oil fell and the linear futures fell, which had a certain negative impact on the market. Near the Spring Festival, there were few on-site trading activities, traders offered more stable prices, downstream manufacturers had holidays one after another, the demand was low, and the overall trading volume was not much. Reference to market conditions around the world: Tianjin market weakened narrowly, Fushun 7042 was reported at 10050 yuan/ton, The market offer in Hangzhou is stabilizing, Shanghai q281 is at 12700 yuan/ton, Wuhan market price is stable, and Lanhua 7042 is at 10000 yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that today's market will be mainly consolidated

● PP morning review: yesterday, the market price was stable and weak, crude oil fell and polypropylene futures opened low and fell, hitting the mentality of the industry. The petrochemical ex factory price was stable, which formed a certain cost support for the market. Near the Spring Festival, the operation enthusiasm of both buyers and sellers was not high, and the overall trading atmosphere was light. Reference to the market conditions of various places: Hebei market was weak, Shijiazhuang T03 was reported at 8900 yuan/ton, Changzhou market was weak and slightly fell, and China coal l5e89 was reported at 8800 yuan/ton, Shantou market offer fell, and Fulian T30S reported 8250 yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that the market will be weak today

● PVC early review: yesterday's market fluctuation was small, and individual quotations rose and fell slightly. As the Spring Festival approaches, the market trading is light, and most traders have long been psychologically prepared, the overall mentality is still calm. Downstream factories have been on holiday one after another, and the demand has gradually weakened. It is mainly wait-and-see, and there are not many firm offers. Quotation reference: Shandong market quotation rose narrowly, Tianye 8 reported 6805 yuan/ton; Shantou market offer fell in a narrow range, and Dongfang hopes to be 6410 yuan/ton; The offer in Guangzhou market is stable, with Tianhu 6380 yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that the market will consolidate today

● PS morning review: yesterday, the market price was mainly stable, with some small falls, and the inquiry atmosphere on the floor was quiet. Merchants are cautious about the market trend before the festival, mainly short-term operation. Close to the Spring Festival holiday, downstream demand is not high, the participation of buyers and sellers is declining, and the on-site trading is weak. Market reference: Shantou market reference price fell, 118 fell 150 yuan to 10300 yuan/ton; The quotation fluctuation in Dongguan market is limited, and Guangzhou 525 is quoted at 10000 yuan/ton; Shunde's market quotation is mainly stable, and aiskai 118 is quoted at 10300 yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that the market quotation will remain stable today

● ABS morning review: yesterday's market operation was mainly stable, with some small movements. Due to the recent preference of cost support, the operation frequency of merchants has increased, and the quotation has been slightly increased to follow up, and the market trend tends to be stable. The downstream side receives goods on demand, and the delivery and delivery are general. Quotation reference: Shantou market quotation fell narrowly, D190 fell 100 yuan to 14900 yuan/ton; The quotation in Dongguan market was generally stable, with Ning 15a1 quoted 15000 yuan/ton; Shunde market quotation continued to stabilize, with 750A at 14300 yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that today's market will maintain stable operation

● PET bottle chip early review: yesterday, the market price did not change much, the raw material market fluctuated narrowly, which did not play a significant role in guiding the market. The factory price of bottle chip enterprises was stable, supporting the cost of goods supply. Near the Spring Festival, downstream enterprises had more downtime and holidays, so inquiries and transactions were scarce, and the overall trading atmosphere was cold. Market reference: Shandong Yizheng water bottle material quoted 8250 yuan/ton, and East China water bottle material quoted yuan/ton for self delivery, The negotiated price is yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that the market price today will be the same as yesterday

● early review of pet waste recycling: yesterday, the market price was in a stalemate. With the approaching of the Spring Festival, there was a strong festival atmosphere on the floor. Most cleaning plants and chemical fiber plants stopped production and had holidays one after another. Few operators still entered the market, and there were few solid transactions. Market reference: machine white tablets in the East China market were at yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that the market will not fluctuate much today

[waste market news]


● market quotation reference of imported LDPE film particles in Shanghai: white transparent high-quality particles yuan/ton, secondary level yuan/ton, generally worth mentioning is general material yuan/ton

● Tianjin Tanggu high voltage bulky goods market offer reference: 99 membrane yuan/ton, 98 membrane yuan/ton; 95 membrane yuan/ton


● Laizhou PP engineering material market reference: white laundry barrel material 5800 gray 5500 Decor 4800 black pallet material 4200 bumper sink belt paint 3200 white PPR pipe material 5700

● Wuxi PP recycled particles Market Reference: white transparent acrylic paper high-quality particles, secondary, milky white, solid negotiation


● the PVC soft crushing material market in Liaoning is in a cold spot. Reference: Engineering Membrane crushing, blue greenhouse membrane crushing 3500, brick membrane crushing report

● Suqian PVC hard material market reference, white plastic steel washing material 4000, small white pipe material, white gusset plate material, hard miscellaneous material


● the market atmosphere of recycled ABS imported from Henan is cold: gray, non flame retardant, high-quality broken, about 6800; Black flame retardant high-quality crushing about 7000 black non flame retardant high-quality crushing

● Henan PS imported recycled materials market is slow: gray non flame retardant broken materials, high-quality materials about 5500; Black flame retardant broken materials, high-quality materials, about 5900; Black non flame retardant broken about 4100

engineering plastics

● Dongguan pet recycled bottle chip market price reference: three-dimensional hot water high-quality blue and white machine chip, cold water plain blue and white chip, solid offer is negotiable

● Linyi pet regeneration reference: 3d white sheet, blue white, cold water plain white 5300, blue white removal value 5150, blue sheet 4700, green 4500

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