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Frost/Zeiss C4 karaoke sound set how about family KTV song ordering machine? Is the quality good?

recently, Zeiss's new hot selling family KTV song ordering machine sound set recommended: frost/Zeiss C4 karaoke sound set family KTV song ordering machine sound box set professional equipment, so how about the performance of this frost/Zeiss C4? Follow to see the configuration characteristics and evaluation of this song ordering machine

frost/Zeiss C4 detailed video evaluation:

Frost/Zeiss C4 comments: today, I finally came to evaluate. I have been using tensile strength and other mechanical properties test results for a long time. I mainly used it to listen to songs, and spent thousands of oceans to buy some speakers. According to incomplete statistics, I had a little trouble installing it. I asked customer service many times, and they taught me to use it patiently. This attitude should be given to five stars! Not to mention the sound quality. The sound quality without damage is really perfect. The 7.1 is still much better than the 5.1! Praise

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