The hottest frozen food export from China to Japan

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China's export of frozen food to Japan increased rapidly

affected by continuous deflation and safety problems, Japan's frozen food production fell in 2002, but the import volume of prepared frozen food showed a double-digit increase, especially the rapid growth of China's export of frozen food to Japan, which increased by nearly 30% in 2002 over the previous year

the domestic production of household consumption of cold food in Japan has recorded an unprecedented decline for many years. In terms of quantity, household consumption of cold food is the first decline in 17 years, improving mechanical properties and reducing the gas permeability of polymers; As metal oxide; In terms of sales, it is the first decline in 14 years. The production of cold food for business is also in the same recession, with both production and sales declining for five consecutive years. However, the import volume of prepared frozen food showed a double-digit increase. Not long ago, the Japan Frozen Food Association conducted a survey on the import of Japanese cold food in 2002, which was conducted among 32 major frozen food enterprises among the members of the association. According to the survey, Japan imported 193300 tons of prepared cold food last year, an increase of 20.2% over the previous year. Among them, the growth rate of frozen food imported from China is the most significant. In 2002, the total amount of frozen food imported from China reached 1257500 tons, an increase of 26. 5% over the previous year 7%; The total amount was 48.519 billion yen, an increase of 29.5% over the previous year

according to the analysis, due to the restraint of consumer demand caused by deflation and the safety problems of imported spinach, the Japanese cold food industry has been greatly affected, especially those enterprises with weak strength. Their survival has become more and more difficult, and it is more and more difficult to draw patterns on the surface of the film. At present, the number of cold food production plants in Japan has decreased from 951 last year to 897, and productivity is also declining. According to the Japan frozen food association, on the one hand, some Japanese enterprises are transferring their production and processing bases to China and other countries, and the transfer of trade institutions overseas is also increasing; On the other hand, the bankruptcy, bankruptcy and withdrawal of Japanese domestic agent processing enterprises are also increasing. Some people believe that Japan's cold food industry has oversupplied, so this situation is likely to continue in the future

Japanese business circles are not only very optimistic about China's food resources and labor resources, but also believe that the processing technology and health management level of Chinese food enterprises are also improving steadily, and food with considerable price competitiveness can be produced in China. Therefore, some Japanese enterprises are no longer just importing Chinese food raw materials. They have begun to pay attention to investing in the user food industry in some cold northern regions in China. Therefore, China's relevant enterprises should seize business opportunities, vigorously attract Japanese investment, and actively explore the Japanese frozen food market

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