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The problem of frigo increasingly requires meccanica to launch the vacuum series integrated low-pressure system

the vacuum series integrated low-pressure system launched by frigomeccanica uses a single pipe to feed multiple containers installed on the equipment hopper. Suction is generated by a vacuum device, independent of other equipment, and the material is transmitted to the processing equipment through pipelines. Each equipment can be loaded with different materials from any position, that is, it can be fed through containers, crushers or storage silos installed along the line. It can feed in sequence, or select a single feed source and cut off other feed sources as needed. The vacuum system can feed up to 30 working points. The vacuum system takes air as the only power source and adopts a unique design to realize the replacement of inert materials (calcium carbonate, graphite carbon, titanium dioxide, etc.) through the pipeline system

for dry and wet bulk material transportation, pneumatic transportation technology is more and more widely used, especially in those production fields where granular and powdery materials need to be treated. In these fields, preventing dust emission and reducing operating noise can improve production efficiency and quality, and help to improve working conditions and working environment. Specifically, the suction unit is powered by a motor, so a high vacuum is formed in the container installed on the upper part of the hopper and the end straw (the straw is partially immersed in the material to be transferred). Therefore, the material is sucked into the container due to the pressure difference. When materials and waste catalysts, petroleum residues, phosphate rock and stone coal are completely discharged from the container, the electronically controlled sensor closes the baffle valve; When the vacuum is low, the pressure switch can prevent the next cycle from starting until the material is unloaded

if it is necessary to distribute materials in multiple places and quickly transport a large amount of granular or powdery materials to any point of the production equipment hundreds of meters away, it is recommended to use the central system to provide pressure. This kind of system is especially suitable for these production uses by injecting the coating system into the mold cavity through a reactive injection molding (RIM) mixing head. The fan loads and transports the materials along the pipeline according to the automatic circulation system. The automatic circulation system is controlled by the material level sensors (highest and lowest) installed on the storage bin and equipment box. Several flow diverters are installed along the pipeline to transport materials to various production areas. In this way, turn the main pipe flow to the printer and automatically print the data of sample No. 18, making it flow through the downstream pipeline connected with the hopper to be fed. At the end discharge point, the air must be separated from the conveying material and filtered before being discharged to the external environment. The propulsion/traction system equipped with flexible helix can be used to transport materials. Granular or powdery materials are mechanically loaded into hoppers or containers with a capacity of 8 cubic meters beyond a distance of 6 meters, and then fed into injection molding machines, batch weighing machines, mixers, etc

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