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Dongguan Riqing packaging: do a good job in the management of dangerous chemicals with "embroidery Kung Fu"

Dongguan Riqing Packaging Co., Ltd. was established in October 2013, mainly producing and selling packaging materials such as cartons and film covered products, involving the turnover warehouse management of two kinds of dangerous chemicals, ink and solvent. Over the years, the company has done a good job in the management of dangerous chemicals with "embroidery Kung Fu" and earnestly fulfilled the main task of safety production

strictly manage hazardous chemicals from the source

at present, Nissin packaging has not only established a safety production committee, but also implemented "one post and two duties" in safety production in three categories: glass, metal and plastic. In addition, the company also actively and consciously implemented the main body of the safety management of dangerous chemicals, implemented standardized safety management for the dangerous chemicals involved, effectively prevented and contained the occurrence of safety accidents of dangerous chemicals, and interpreted the importance of life safety with actions

"enterprises should put the relationship between safety production and economic benefits in order to achieve a win-win situation between safety investment and economic benefits. Safety investment is the greatest benefit of enterprises, and it is also the guarantee for the development of enterprises' production. Always putting safety work first is the prerequisite for realizing the economic benefits of enterprises." The head of the safety production department of Nissin packaging said

it is reported that Nissin packaging has passed the professional safety assessment qualification examination and should pay attention to the procedures such as the oil temperature should not exceed 70 degrees. It has obtained the storage qualification of hazardous chemicals turnover warehouse, set up a specially assigned person to manage the warehousing of hazardous chemicals, and formulated and improved the rules and regulations for the custody, use, disposal and other links of hazardous chemicals. The variety, specification, quantity and warehousing of hazardous chemicals are truthfully registered, Make all kinds of hazardous chemicals under control in the whole service cycle, and establish a record and control system for the whole process of purchase requisition, requisition, use, recycling and destruction, so as to ensure that the account of articles is consistent with the account of use registration and inventory materials

And it must be that the pointer of thallium pendulum and thallium pendulum must be aligned at zero point.

"our dangerous goods turnover warehouse only stores the amount of ink for no more than three days, the use of solvent is delivered by the supplier on the same day, and the unused dangerous goods on the same day will be returned to the warehouse in time." The head of the safety production department of Nissin packaging revealed

in addition to strictly controlling the consumption of dangerous chemicals on the same day, Nissin is also meticulous in the standardized placement of dangerous chemicals. Entering the dangerous chemicals warehouse packed by Nissin, various conspicuous safety warning signs can be seen everywhere on the workplaces and equipment, and the corresponding safety technical instructions and safety labels are also well pasted on the packages of various dangerous chemicals. They are strictly classified and stored, and mixing and loading are strictly prohibited. In addition, according to the types and properties of dangerous chemicals, the circulation warehouse is also equipped with ventilation, explosion-proof, pressure relief, fire prevention, moisture-proof, lightning protection, alarm, fire extinguishing Safety facilities such as sunscreen, temperature regulation, static electricity elimination, and protective Bund

strictly implement the "five double" management system

there is no doubt that the first thing is to ensure the safety of goods and personnel to the greatest extent. This requires that care and prevention should always be the key elements in the daily management of hazardous chemicals warehouse, and the implementation of the "five double" management system is the proof that Nissin packaging has always been careful and preventive in the management of hazardous chemicals turnover warehouse

it is understood that the "five pairs" management system includes "two people receiving and dispatching, two people picking and using, two people managing, two people locking and two people using"

according to the regulations, the warehouse entry of purchased hazardous chemicals must be checked and accepted by the full-time keeper (two persons) in charge of the warehouse. During acceptance, the product name, specification, quantity, packaging container, quality, etc. shall be checked against the accompanying invoice and warehousing list to see whether they are consistent and good. Only the custodian (two persons) can fill in the warehousing registration and sign for the warehousing procedures

those who pick up hazardous chemicals in the warehouse must present a valid picking list signed and approved by the general manager, and hand it over to the keeper (double person) to check the name, specification and quantity of the products, and then the keeper (double person) takes them out of the warehouse according to the procedures. The security guard is responsible for the supervision of receiving and delivering goods

the access door of the special warehouse for hazardous chemicals storage must be equipped with two locks. Each custodian holds a key. When entering the warehouse for work, the storekeepers of both parties must arrive at the warehouse at the same time before opening and closing the warehouse door. The keeper must keep the key properly and take it with him

dangerous chemicals are sent from the special warehouse to the production workshop of the company. More than two people must be equipped in the whole process. The warehouse keeper and security guard are responsible for the transportation and security. During the transportation process, they are stored in an iron box and locked with a password; After the hazardous chemicals are configured, they are poured into the medicine tank of the production equipment under the supervision of the on-site person in charge of the workshop, and supervised by the on-site security personnel

deepen the safety culture and improve the safety awareness of employees

Nissin packaging attaches importance to the construction of enterprise safety culture

in terms of safety education of dangerous chemicals, Nissin packaging has provided education and training on basic knowledge of safe production of dangerous chemicals, pre job operation skills, accident emergency and other aspects to every employee. By carrying out activities such as "one safety officer every day", they can give full play to their advantages of being familiar with equipment, facilities and process operations, let employees actively participate in safety management, and timely find and eliminate all kinds of hidden dangers

in terms of strengthening emergency rescue drills and improving employees' self-help ability, Nissin packaging will organize hazardous chemicals management personnel and users to participate in hazardous chemicals professional knowledge training at least once a year, so that employees can further familiarize themselves with the hazardous characteristics of hazardous chemicals, fire self-help, occupational protection, anti leakage treatment and other related knowledge, and develop an emergency plan for hazardous chemicals accidents, equipped with emergency rescue personnel and necessary emergency rescue equipment Equipment, regularly organize emergency rescue drills, and improve the safety awareness and self-protection ability of employees

in addition, Nissin packaging also deepened the construction of two systems: risk classification management and control and hidden danger troubleshooting and governance, so that employees mastered the procedures and methods of risk classification management and control and hidden danger troubleshooting and governance, ensured the stable operation of production devices, and effectively solved the problems and puzzles of "unexpected", "impossible" and "impossible"

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