Dongguan Houjie Town, the hottest Town, adjusts it

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Houjie Town in Dongguan adjusts its industrial structure and promotes independent innovation

except for industrial development, everything is empty. Yesterday, wanzhuopei, the mayor of Houjie Town, said in an interview that the plastic machinery industry will grow by more than 12% on average every year. Adjusting the industrial structure and promoting independent innovation will be the focus of Houjie Town in the next five years

according to Wan zhuopei, the exhibition industry is a characteristic and competitive industry of Houjie. For example, the famous furniture exhibition is the third largest furniture exhibition in the world, and the China India exhibition is also the second largest furniture exhibition in the world. Houjie town holds nearly 20 exhibitions every year, and the number of exhibition days in a year reaches 92

Wan zhuopei revealed that Houjie exhibition industry must continue to improve in order to develop in the fierce competition. An exhibition has driven the development of upstream and downstream industries, stores and technology research and development. Wan zhuopei said that Houjie will make good use of the exhibition industry and cultivate and build two industrial clusters of auto parts and printing machinery with the help of the exhibition industry

at present, Houjie and Shunde Lecong are competing for the crown of Guangdong furniture international procurement center. When asked about his views on this competition, Wan zhuopei expressed confidence

Wan zhuopei believes that competing for the brand of Guangdong furniture international procurement center will help Houjie and even Dongguan become a comprehensive base and high-end platform for the furniture industry. The 250000 square meter industrial furniture capital will be launched next year; The famous furniture Expo Park project with a total area of 1million square meters has also been officially opened D - permanent deformation and temporary deformation graphene fiber has special functions such as antibacterial, anti mite, anti heat, anti cutting, anti-static, anti ultraviolet, far-infrared heating and conduction cooling. The selection purpose of Guangdong furniture international procurement center is to promote industrial transformation and upgrading, and Houjie, which has a complete industrial chain, just meets this goal

Houjie cultural development will combine hard and soft. According to Wan zhuopei, Houjie will build a new cultural area related to the experimental conditions, including cultural museums, gymnasiums, youth palaces and other cultural infrastructure, to further consolidate the hardware foundation of Houjie culture. On the soft side, Houjie will rely more on the ancient Aotai Academy. At present, the construction progress of Aotai academy has been completed by 80%. Houjie will play the role of the cultural platform carrier of Aotai academy, create theme activities such as Aotai lecture hall, Houjie historical Hall of fame, culture and art exhibition hall, rebuild Chen Lian wanjuan hall, carry out activities such as the Enlightenment of traditional Chinese culture and patriotism education, and make it a new cultural base of the town. Gradually integrate the surrounding area of Aotai academy into the cultural transformation project, and establish an ancient cultural street composed of octagonal pavilion Aotai academy alleys with the academy as the center

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