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Xinxiang Dongfeng paper mill was accused of poor environmental law enforcement after it was shut down.

in March this year, "Henan Xinxiang paper mill wastewater irrigated wheat fields, farmers only sold grain and dared not eat" was widely reprinted and reported. Uncle Zhang, a 61 year old villager in a small village, angrily said that the paper mill had hit four hundred meters deep wells when using medical instruments containing PVC for treatment, and a large amount of groundwater was pumped, and there was no water in the irrigation wells 20 or 30 meters deep in the farmland, You can't wait to see the wheat die of drought before agreeing to water the land with waste water without money. The grain of these properties has been sold, and we will definitely not eat it ourselves. It is reported that law enforcement officers from the Supervision Corps of the Henan Provincial Environmental Protection Department went to Xinxiang to make an unannounced visit to water related sewage discharge enterprises. In the Dongfeng paper mill in the small village of tuanzhong Town, Fengquan District, the township of the new glass structure of the testing room, law enforcement officers found that some untreated papermaking wastewater was directly discharged into the wheat field. According to law enforcement officials, papermaking wastewater belongs to industrial wastewater with very serious pollution. The plant signed an agreement with the local village committee in July 2012 to irrigate farmland with untreated papermaking wastewater, which is a serious environmental violation

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