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The application of code spraying technology in the plastic industry

the application of identification technology is gradually going deep into every corner, ranging from heavy machinery to a wire, which is inseparable from product identification. This technology is also widely used in plastic packaging containers, plastic films, plastic pipes, wires and cables, plastic parts and other products

types of inkjet technology

at present, inkjet technology mainly includes inkjet printing technology and laser inkjet technology

inkjet printing technology

inkjet printing technology is also called non-contact printing. According to the working principle of inkjet printer, it can be divided into continuous inkjet printer and on-demand inkjet printer

the continuous jet printer, referred to as CIJ type for short, continuously ejects ink from a single nozzle through pressure, and breaks after crystal vibration to form ink dots; After being charged and deflected by high voltage, the ink dots are scanned into words on the surface of the moving object. Most industrial inkjet systems use CIJ technology, which can reach a speed of 1000 feet per minute, which is much faster than the on-demand inkjet printer, but the image quality is also lower than the application of the latter technology. CIJ printing equipment manufacturers such as Domino and Videojet are leaders in this field

on demand inkjet printer is referred to as DOD type for short. The ink supply system nozzle is composed of multiple high-precision valves. When spraying words, the valve corresponding to the font opens and closes quickly, and the ink is sprayed out by internal constant pressure, forming characters or graphics on the moving surface. A digital signal produces a drop of ink on the paper, rather than an ink stream, which can produce an effect close to the photographic quality. The printing speed of DoD ranges from 100 feet to 300 feet per minute. At present, many companies are developing high-speed DOD printing equipment that can be used for packaging purposes

laser inkjet technology

compared with ink inkjet technology, laser inkjet technology is a more advanced technology. This technology mainly realizes code spraying through burning and etching. Burning, that is, the laser emits enough energy to remove the surface of plastic materials, such as the ink on the surface of printing and packaging. Etching refers to the use of appropriate laser energy to partially melt the surface of plastic materials to form a groove. The focused ultra-fine laser light speed is like a knife, which can remove the material on the surface of the object point by point, and will not produce mechanical extrusion or mechanical stress, so it will not damage the processed items

in addition to the general information labeling function, the anti-counterfeiting function of laser code printing technology is more significant. The application of laser code printing technology in the Chinese market is still in its infancy, but it will win a broader market because of its high reliability, low operation cost, simple installation and operation, and precise barcode printing

in this field, Shenzhen Han's Laser Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the few leading enterprises in China. At present, the laser marking machines produced by the company mainly include YAG series and CO2 series, which are suitable for marking ABS materials, epoxy resins, PVC, bulletproof adhesives, polyurethane, glass and other materials

application in the plastic industry

compared with ordinary printing methods such as pad printing or silk screen printing, inkjet printer has the advantages of non-contact inkjet printing, high speed and efficiency, low cost, instant inkjet printing, programmable and can change the contents of inkjet printing at any time. It is increasingly favored by plastic products suppliers

packaging materials

nowadays, plastic has become one of the main packaging materials and is widely used in the packaging of food, beverage, tobacco, cosmetics and other products. Most of these plastic materials are PVC, PE and pet, which are the main printing objects of inkjet printer in the packaging field

packaging materials require that the inkjet effect is not only clear, but also beautiful

non contact inkjet machines and laser machines do not need to contact the product surface in the process of inkjet, so the inkjet machine can complete the task excellently, whether it is a regular or irregular object surface, whether it is a circular, square or rugged surface

in addition, plastic film is widely used in product packaging. If it is squeezed, the film will be damaged to a certain extent, which will directly affect the beauty of the package. The use of non-contact inkjet technology, there is no such worry. For example, the semiconductor pumped laser marking machine (dp-r75) of Han's laser can directly mark through the plastic film of cigarette packaging. Under the action of large enough alternating stress, it will not damage the film

as food, beverage, tobacco and other products are closely related to life, packaging materials also have relatively high requirements for hygiene. Because the laser machine does not use ink for marking, it can ensure the cleanness of products and production environment. Therefore, the application of laser marking technology in packaging materials has attracted great attention. Domino recently launched the s200b marking laser inkjet printer mainly for PET materials. At present, laser inkjet printer companies on the market can provide the identification scheme of pet surface materials. However, due to the transparency of PET materials, when the laser hits it and cannot change color, the effect is not significant and it is difficult to identify. S200b scribed laser inkjet printer combines "blue tube technology" with laser inkjet printer to make the coding color turn white and show crystal texture. The design adopts Plexiglas material, and the effect is obvious and clear

plastic pipes

there are many products in the plastic pipe industry, including drainage pipeline grooves, aluminum plastic pipes, composite pipes and rubber hoses

some of the pipes are located in the environment of high temperature and high heat for a long time, so the identification is required to have strong resistance to sunlight, high temperature and other environments, that is, to ensure the durability of the identification. In addition, the high extrusion rate of plastic pipes also requires that the printing speed can be synchronized, while micro pipes need flexible and exquisite printing technology

the equipment of VDJ can better meet these special requirements. Its chief executive officer of Bayer materials technology Don Peide, covestro's CEO designate, said: "Covestro represents the new vision and wonderful future of an innovation driven polymer company. The small character ink inkjet printer series is suitable for operation in a high temperature and high heat production environment. The inkjet printer is clear, stable and wear-resistant, and the minimum character sprayed can be up to 0.8 mm. At the same time, the inkjet printer has the function of automatic meter counting, which allows continuous and instant inkjet printing without affecting the continuous operation of the whole production process.

wire and cable

inkjet technology Technology is also widely used in the wire and cable industry. It is difficult to identify the brand or trademark of cable and wire products from the appearance. Genuine products can be quickly identified by printing product specifications and factory name and logo

the requirements of this product for identification are: easy to distinguish, not easy to wear, and has good chemical resistance and UV resistance. There are many inkjet equipment on the market that can meet these conditions. Moreover, it allows the angle and time of printing to be very free: it can be a 360 degree printing angle, and it can also be printed at the bottom, side or top of the product; Whether it is in the extrusion of raw materials or in the winding of various cables, whether it is on a high-speed assembly line or on an independent pallet, it can be sprayed

requirements for ink

because inkjet printing equipment has the advantages of high speed, high efficiency and low cost, it is currently applied far more in the market than laser inkjet technology. For inkjet printing equipment, the printing effect is closely related to the performance of ink. Nowadays, consumers demand faster drying speed, better anti-counterfeiting performance and more environmental protection

fast drying

the production speed of the production line continues to improve, which requires the cooperation of fast drying ink. For example, in the processing and production of cigarette packs, the ink is sprayed on the surface of the product and immediately dried. At the same time, it is firmly attached to the surface of the product, and will not be transferred to other positions and dirty the surface of the object, which can ensure that the identification of each sprayed product is clear, complete and easy to distinguish, does not affect the whole production process, and effectively reduces the failure time

anti counterfeiting

the anti-counterfeiting function of products is more and more valued by businesses. As the carrier of product identification, ink also undertakes this important task

an ultraviolet visible anti-counterfeiting ink appeared in the market, which has good anti-counterfeiting property. This kind of ink will not show in normal light, but can only be seen under ultraviolet light

there are many researches on small character anti-counterfeiting invisible inks in China, but there are few large character anti-counterfeiting inks. When Beijing saiteng Power Technology Co., Ltd. developed the handheld inkjet printer, it used large character anti-counterfeiting invisible ink, which made the role of the handheld inkjet printer to the extreme. Large character anti-counterfeiting invisible ink not only has high filtering precision, fast drying speed and strong adhesion, but also has the special anti-counterfeiting function of displaying blue light under ultraviolet radiation

environmental protection

environmental protection is also a topic of great concern to the public. Ink and solvent are highly volatile substances, which will produce more chemical toxic residues and pollute the environment. Especially for food packaging, the environmental protection of ink is more important. Its chemical composition and smell may penetrate into food through film and packaging, endangering human health. To put an end to this problem, the United States even banned the use of inkjet machines on the inner packaging of drugs. At present, dominoes, vidigit and other companies attach great importance to the development of environmentally friendly inks

in addition, in the field of food packaging, some foods also require ink to be edible, so that it can be printed directly on the surface of food or on its inner packaging. For those foods that need to be refrigerated, the identification is required to remain unchanged after the food is refrigerated at about 0 ℃, so the low temperature resistance of the ink is also very important

at present, the development of China's logo industry is in the ascendant, with a very high growth rate. At the same time, the market requirements for logo technology are also changing. The reliability and stability of inkjet printer equipment will be an important trend in the future technology development, except for the metrological verification after each removal. The speed of domestic plastic product production line is getting higher and higher, and the market of inkjet printer products with fast printing performance is undoubtedly broader

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