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80% of the profits are engaged in the research and development of coatings small enterprises are obsessed with high technology

from hiring doctors with high salaries, to the emergence of patented products, and then to being favored by central enterprises and large companies. In the past few years, a "road map" for revitalizing enterprises with high technology has been successfully implemented by an unknown coating manufacturer in Zhenjiang city. Since 2003, this enterprise named "Huaxia paint" located in Gaozi street, Dantu District, has spent more than 80% of its profits on product research and development every year. With the investment of other facilities, it has been put into operation for eight years without making a penny for its boss. But its dream of making "environmental friendly and energy-saving paint" has gradually become a reality

the small laboratory is full of high technology

"Huaxia paint" is located in the seat of the government of yuanshima Township, Gaozi street. The houses in the 1970s and 1980s now look very old. "The whole plant will be transformed. Here will be transformed into a research and development center, where is the administrative building." Pointing to a capped building not far away, general manager Xie Baosheng said

in the general manager's office, Xie Baosheng handed two business cards successively. The comparison between the old and the new just shows the latest development track of "Huaxia paint": after capital increase this year, the enterprise has just changed its name from "Zhenjiang Huaxia paint Co., Ltd." to "Jiangsu Huaxia Paint Technology Co., Ltd.". "This not only shows the determination to become bigger, but also highlights' science and technology '." Xie Baosheng explained

"technology" content is highlighted in the company's R & D laboratory. When visiting the laboratory, Dr. Yu, an engineer, was doing an "infrared barrier experiment" for a new product: a huge infrared bulb shone on a piece of glass, reached under the glass, and found that half of it was hot, and the other half basically did not feel hot. The original half of the glass was coated with transparent heat insulation paint. This new product can pass through more than 75% of the visible light in the sun, and block more than 80% of the infrared and ultraviolet rays. The heat insulation efficiency is close to 50%. After putting into production, it can be widely used in the glass of various buildings, making the indoor "warm in winter and cool in summer", and the energy-saving effect is obvious

in another laboratory, technician Wang Weiguo did a "diametrically opposite" experiment: two glass bottles filled with water were placed in the sun at the same time, and one of them was coated with heat storage paint. Half an hour later, the water temperature of the coated bottle rose by nearly 7 ℃, while the water in the other bottle heated less than 2 ℃. Wang Weiguo said that this new coating applied to solar water heaters, photovoltaic solar panels and other equipment can strengthen light absorption and greatly improve the solar energy conversion rate

transparent thermal insulation coating and heat storage coating are both focusing on energy, and they will fill the relevant gaps in China after leaving the laboratory

small enterprises should have the dream of leading.

in 2003, Xie Baosheng decided to enter the field of paint production. He examines his strengths and weaknesses: he knows the performance and market of various coatings like the back of his hand, and has rich experience in coating construction, which is an advantage; The shortage is also obvious. The R & D of coating production and the general set of technology for the industrialization of thin strip continuous casting; Preparation technology of superalloy; The advanced preparation and processing technology of high value-added and special performance steels, alloys and products has no foundation or knowledge

in fact, plastic has become the core material of most electronic products in the 4G era. Paint production in China has always been an industry with low threshold and difficult research and development. The vast majority of small and medium-sized enterprises are engaged in the modulation of ordinary paint; The development of new products is usually the "patent" of large enterprises and scientific research institutions. Xie Baosheng can fully devote himself to the production of ordinary coatings and win by quantity, but he chose the latter

Xie Baosheng's theory is: if you don't have a leading position, you can only follow others forever until you are eliminated. In his view, small businesses should also have the dream of leading. What if there is no research and development foundation? Xie Baosheng has set his sights on scientific research institutes and industry experts. He took the initiative to invest money in the paint development project of scientific research institutes, provided a carrier for the transformation and improvement of the technical measurement surface installed on the upper right side of the rack, and made extensive acquaintance with experts in the field of paint research. Regardless of cost and unrequited investment, people are finally moved. Now Fudan University, South China University of technology, Jiangsu University and other universities and coating research institutions have become partners of "Huaxia paint"

in order to become a "partner" with enough weight as soon as possible, Xie Baosheng spared no effort in improving its own R & D software and hardware

Huaxia paint "has issued high salary recruitment notices all year round. For a time, it has been recognized by many intravenous infusion device manufacturers around the world. It can not attract full-time doctors, but create opportunities for doctors to cooperate part-time. It costs more than 1 million to buy a meteorological chromatograph, and recently spent more than 200000 to buy a set of professional coating management software. In recent years, enterprises spend more than 3million on R & D every year, accounting for more than 80% of the profits of the whole enterprise. With other investments, over the past eight years, "Huaxia paint" has not made any money for Xie Baosheng, but also "absorbed" the profits of other industries

please go to the backwater pool of the factory to watch fish

eight years of "retreat" basically has no tangible benefits, and many friends tease Xie Baosheng for "really being able to endure". However, various signs show that high-tech, which often needs to be studied for many years, has yielded fruitful results, sometimes only overnight

at the end of 2010, State Grid Corporation of China found Shanghai Electric Power Institute, hoping to develop a new material that can make the desulfurization equipment in the chimney of power plant more durable. "Huaxia paint" volunteered after receiving the news. One of their coatings was applied to the desulfurization equipment, which was both high-temperature resistant and anti-corrosion (the high-temperature resistance and anti-corrosion of the coating usually fluctuate, and it was difficult to give consideration to each other). After seven months of testing, the effect was greatly praised by Guodian

the construction machinery of Sany Heavy Industry was returned by the European Union because the VOC content of the surface coating exceeded the standard. They contacted Fudan University and proposed the idea of applying water-based coatings to the coating of construction machinery. In response to this market demand, Fudan University cooperated with "Huaxia paint" to successfully develop waterborne engineering machinery coatings this year. This project has also received financial support from the science and technology support plan of Zhenjiang science and Technology Bureau

"my dream is to produce more and more non-toxic, environmental friendly and energy-saving paints, and high technology is an important support to realize this dream." In order to realize the dream of Xie Baosheng, the development plan of "Huaxia paint" is to become a high-tech enterprise before becoming a large enterprise in paint production

for Xie Baosheng, the dream of producing environmental friendly and energy-saving coatings may also come from a social responsibility. Many managers of "Huaxia paint" said that although the enterprise is small and some plants are still very old, the "boss has strict requirements on environmental protection in the production process". There is a return tank in the center of the plant, through which the filtered production water is recycled. Xie Baosheng accompanied him to the pool and said with a smile, "welcome to the media to supervise our environmental protection. The method is very simple. You often come here to watch fish."

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