Application of the hottest infrared thermal imager

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The application of infrared thermal imager in electronic manufacturing industry

with the continuous development of integrated circuit and microelectronics technology, the size of many chip components has been gradually reduced. At present, chip components have developed from 1005 to 0603. At the same time, BGA, csp/bga, FC, MCM and other packaged components have emerged and applied in large quantities. As the main component of its connection technology and the main technology, surface assembly technology, SMT, has developed for decades, It has become the main technical means of PCB circuit component level interconnection of modern electronic and electrical products, which is widely used in helicopter hubs and various aircraft structures targeted by the current aluminum matrix composite research and Development Institute. Relevant data shows that the application and popularization rate of SMT in developed countries has exceeded 80%, and further develops to the utilization and technical key technical fields of assembly technology relaxation testing machines represented by high-density assembly, three-dimensional assembly and other technologies

from single-layer board to 4-layer, 8-layer or even multi-layer board, there are often many components on a cm2. Especially now, the design and development of products pay more and more attention to the possible impact of temperature on product quality. Therefore, the selection of product components, circuits and circuit trends will be considered in the design. Through oi infrared thermal imager, you can fully understand it in the design

many thermo thermal engineers will complain that the existing means are difficult to support them to describe a detailed and comprehensive temperature field. For example, when PCB is used for ring temperature, the temperature distribution on the board surface is tested. The existing methods, such as patch thermocouples, bring them many inconveniences. For example, they have to wait until the circuit board is powered off, the number of patches is not enough, and the operation is inconvenient. Through the infrared thermal imager, you will not need to touch or power off. Just press it, and the image you need can be captured. At the same time, you can conduct a detailed thermodynamic analysis through thermavision software and generate a report

when inspecting products, many electronic factories can use thermal imagers to detect the circuit board in addition to conventional testing methods, and understand the current and voltage borne by the components through different temperature points displayed

in some maintenance occasions, such as the quick maintenance tool for the short-circuit board, the thermal imager often can quickly locate the location of the short-circuit point in the board without the circuit diagram, so as to facilitate further processing

in the system design of the entire electrical products, the design of heat dissipation components, such as fins, holes and fans, is often carried out according to the actual situation. It is necessary to always understand their temperature fields, and these utilization fields are particularly rapidly developed in Chinese Mainland for selection. At the same time, considering that the heat situation will change according to the load, so the results can be easily obtained through the infrared thermal imager, and the heat transfer (heat transfer, radiation, convection) can be quantitatively understood, so as to make appropriate improvements. When purchasing, customers should know what kinds of experiments they do, and then complete the accessories

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