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The application of ink flexo printing in corrugated board

with the improvement of corrugated box's protective effect on packaging products and promotional function, corrugated boxes are required to have rich and colorful information that can attract the attention of consumers, which poses a challenge to the printing of corrugated board

flexographic printing technology is the main printing method of corrugated board

corrugated board has become an indispensable material for manufacturing packaging containers because of its unique advantages such as light weight, low price, high bending strength, high processing and structural adaptability, and good printing adaptability. So far, corrugated board has become one of the most widely used packaging materials in modern packaging, and its consumption is still rising steadily. It is estimated that the world's demand for cartons and paperboards will increase at a rate of 2.8% per year before 2010, and will reach 125 million tons by 2010

with the continuous intensification of competition, commodity packaging has put forward another functional requirement for corrugated boxes, which plays a promotional role. Therefore, corrugated boxes should be able to carry rich text, images and other information, and have bright colors, which can be used for the packaging of alcohol, small appliances, shoes, hardware tools, microelectronic products, computer software, counter sales displays, fast food, etc. At present, the common methods of printing corrugated board include flexographic printing, gravure printing, offset printing and then laminating, among which flexographic printing is the most commonly used

we know that corrugated board can be divided into pre printing (brushing) and post printing (brushing) according to whether there are images, words and other information on the face paper. In short, pre printing (brushing) refers to printing face paper (roll to roll) before corrugated board production, and then sending the printed face paper to the corrugated board machine for veneering and cardboard production. Post printing (brushing) refers to printing on the corrugated board that has been made. However, whether pre printing or post printing, the most important printing method is flexographic printing, in which satellite web printing machine (up to 4 or 6 colors) is mostly used for pre printing, and unit sheet fed printing machine (generally less than 4 colors) is mostly used for post printing

according to relevant statistics, the flexographic printing technology used in corrugated boxes accounts for 95% of the left in the United States, and the rotation of local test pieces is driven by electromechanical devices to the right, accounting for 85% in Western Europe, more than 93% in Japan, and more than 50% in China. The wide application of flexographic printing technology in the corrugated industry is inseparable from its many advantages

advantages of flexographic printing applied to corrugated board

the advantages of corrugated board using flexographic printing technology mainly include the following points:

1 Flexo has good softness, so that the printing process can achieve a good printing effect with only a small printing pressure. When printing on the surface of corrugated board, it can reduce the influence of uneven pressure of corrugated board, make up for the defect of uneven thickness of corrugated base material, and reduce the phenomenon of washboard

2. After photochemical treatment, the quality of flexo printing plate is better than that of the previous rubber plate, and the color separation is sometimes more obvious

3. The water-based ink used in flexographic printing is pollution-free and harmless to human body, which meets the requirements of environmental protection. Electromechanical is the soul of all components. Flexo printing machine adopts metal roller to transfer ink, and the printing plate only needs to touch the corrugated board gently, and the water-based ink will be transferred completely

4. The flexographic press has a simple structure. Four rollers form a color group, which is very convenient for plate loading, adjustment and cleaning. Flexographic printing machine can also be connected with other processes, such as indentation, slotting, die cutting, gluing, box making, counting and other processes to form a linkage production line, which greatly improves production efficiency

5. The operation training of the flexographic press is also relatively easy. Due to the quantitative inking of the textured roller, the requirements for ink coloring can be achieved after the roller rotates for 1 ~ 2 revolutions during printing, and the color difference of the whole batch of prints is very small, reducing the paper consumption

6. The large format flexographic printing machine can meet the requirements of large-scale carton production, and just adapt to the trend of corrugated board towards large format

this is very important. There are several experiences in corrugated board printing. 1. Oil supply: the hydraulic oil adopts 40 # tightening oil or 32 # 46 hydraulic oil. The oil supply hole is on the right side of the instrument and equipment.

1 Monochrome printing of words or lines. The printing accuracy of this kind of printing machine is low, the ink must be evenly beaten by several rubber rollers, and the drying time after printing is long, which is not suitable for high-speed printing. The printed products play a simple role of identification, not decoration

2. Color printing of text or line color blocks. This is mainly because the water-based ink Tri Color printing machine is used to overprint with high precision. The printing ink is water-based ink, which has fast drying speed, full color and good printing effect. However, due to the limitations of printing press and other factors, its performance content is not widely used

3. Direct printing of half tone patterns. At this time, the printing machine is already a three-color or four-color flexographic printing machine with high accuracy, and the number of lines of the roller is generally 250 lines/inch, which has a good reproduction effect on some half tone patterns. However, due to the limitation of the accuracy of the printing machine and the number of printing colors, the performance of the sense of hierarchy is not very strong

4. Color preprint. Color preprint is direct printing on web paper. Exquisite patterns can be printed by satellite printer with multi-color group (color), high performance and high precision. The ink used is alcohol based, with fast drying speed, bright color and strong expressiveness. In order to improve the surface gloss, you can also cover with a layer of varnish, so that the printed pattern is bright and not easy to wear. The printing plate is a thin resin plate, which can reproduce the pattern level more completely through fine color separation processing. The performance content of printed patterns is also more diversified, and the colors are richer. It has become a real sales package, which has the effect of beautifying goods and promoting sales

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