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The application of slotting milling on hydraulic turbine blades

Harbin Electric Machinery Co., Ltd., founded in 1951, is a key enterprise producing large and medium-sized power generation equipment, large and medium-sized AC and DC motors and supporting control equipment. The main products include: water turbines, water turbine generators, steam turbine generators, control equipment supporting the main engine of power stations, large and medium-sized AC and DC motors, etc. It has cooperative relations with more than 30 enterprises in 12 countries, including Siemens in Germany, Westinghouse in the United States, Hitachi in Japan, Alstom in France and ABB in Switzerland. At present, there are more than 6200 employees and more than 3800 sets of equipment, including 309 sets of high-precision and good processability equipment and 37 sets of numerical control equipment. It is a large state-owned enterprise with an annual production capacity of 5000 MW steam turbine generators, 2500 MW water turbine generator units and 600 MW AC and DC motors. At present, it provides hydropower units for large-scale water conservancy projects such as the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River and Gezhouba Dam

shangao's R insert milling cutter

the milling of hydro generator blades has always been the bottleneck affecting the efficiency of blade processing. Because the blade blank is a casting, the size is large (as shown in Figure 1), and the blade skirt is a twisted curved surface structure. Generally, it is processed on the five axis CNC gantry milling. The original process adopts corn milling cutter side milling, and the processing efficiency is very low. Generally, it takes one or two days to process a blade. Moreover, due to the high price of machine tools and other reasons, the number of five axis CNC gantry milling machines is small, and the labor cost is high, which increases the processing cost of blades

Figure 1 hydraulic turbine blade parts

in order to solve this difficulty, shangao adopts the plug-in milling cutter developed by itself, which is more and more strict in the industry for automobile lightweight, low fuel consumption, low cost, low pollution, high safety and high comfort. It not only improves the processing efficiency of the blade, but also realizes the processing on the three wheel linkage CNC gantry milling machine for general manufacturers, which greatly reduces the processing cost of the blade. Now the r220 of shangao is used Several listed companies at home and abroad have announced that the processing time of insert milling cutter has been shortened to 5 ~ 6 hours, and the processing range of parts has also been expanded

the processing material of blades is usually martensitic stainless steel such as 1Cr13. The processing amount of blade skirt is about 50 ~ 70mm. The cutter head adopts r220 with a diameter of 160mm.) Insert milling cutter, the blade uses scet120612t-m14, t250m and scet120612t-m14620470. The cutting parameters are: vc=200 M/min. Fz=0.1mm/t, ap=30mm, ae=70 mm. The machine tool is a three-axis CNC gantry milling machine (as shown in Figure 2)

Figure 2 xka2140 x 80A CNC gantry milling machine

because the three-axis CNC gantry iron machine is widely used in China, it is easy to find processing partners, which eases the processing pressure of the five axis CNC gantry milling machine in the factory and greatly improves the processing efficiency. At present, insert milling processing method has been applied to the processing of other parts. (end)

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