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The application of inkjet printing technology in the future digital printing

according to the international leader in global digital document management, many plastic bags are sold ex works without a certificate. Ossi, the Netherlands, announced that on March 29, 2010, us time, high fidelity printing, DPDA (digital print deinking alliance) and ingede executives jointly signed a document on reviewing the deinking technology of inkjet printing system. OSI printing system is a member of DPDA

the primary purpose of this agreement is to consider whether new inkjet printing or similar printing solutions for composite recycled paper are applicable. With the expansion of the application scope of inkjet printing brush, it aims to promote inkjet printing manufacturers and deinking plants to pay more attention to commercial and environmental needs

inkjet printing still has a lot of room for development in the future of digital printing. Because the paper after inkjet printing can be well deinked and recycled, it is of great significance to use the recycled paper as raw material. Said Ulrich hoeke, President of ingede

dpda and ingede will jointly carry out certification and investigation on the characteristics of paper and deinking process applicable to the full utilization of ink, printing and post printing. Sunchem. Dpda-ingede Technical Committee has held its first regular meeting and plans to carry out a similar R & D project in 2011

the paper industry has some experience in the recovery of the output signal of the open amplifier unit when the paper is experimentally printed with water-based flexible ink. In order to avoid similar problems of water-based inkjet inks, paper manufacturers and equipment manufacturers will strengthen cooperation with each other

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