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Bostrop announced that the prices of TMP and neopentyl glycol products would be raised from April 1.

perstrop, a Swedish manufacturer of special chemicals, recently announced that it would increase the prices of trimethylolpropane (TMP), neopentyl glycol (NEO) and nx795 alcohol ester resin it sold from April 1 or in accordance with relevant contract provisions

among them, the prices of TMP and Neo sold in the European market increased by 100 euros/ton, and the prices of these two products sold in other markets increased by 150 dollars/ton. In the future, Bristol will also raise the price of nx795 alcohol ester resin sold in the European market by 125 euros/ton and that in other regions by 175 dollars/ton

Bristow said that the price increase was to cope with the rising costs of raw materials, energy and logistics

Bristol, as an important isocyanate producer in the world, has 14 production bases in the world, including 3 enterprises in Asia. The sales footprint covers 60 countries and regions around the world, of which 15% of the performance comes from Asia

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